Aspiring Remy scrub... now what?

k so after starting to play Guile and enjoying the SB & FK combination we start playing 3s in anticipation of OE, so I pick Remy, naturally.

What exactly should I be learning to do first to learn this game and to learn Remy? Not exactly like Ken where everything feels more or less like a shoto in every other game, albeit with less useful fireballs. My first thought was “lov machine gun!” but that’s fairly advanced for my level of understanding of the game in general (coming from SF4). So mostly from both a strategy and an execution standpoint, where do I start and where do I go from there to not suck at this game?

You just need to play a lot. You need to go and practice his normals, understand them extremely well. Understand the spacing on his dash and kara throws extremely well. Then you can worry about combos and lov shenanigans.

Your best bet is to understand and be confident in the basics of the game/remy. Combos aren’t hard but understanding how to set up those situations is what actually matters.

Learn to solve the same problem as many different ways as possible.