Assassin's Creed Brotherhood

Didn’t see a thread, and for any usual single player I would just post in the PS3 thread… but this game has MULTIPLAYER. And I heard it’s gonna be sick too.

Anyone else play through one and two?

5 more days people. Let’s get hype.

I’m going to end up doing the same thing i did with 1 and 2.

I’ll borrow it once my friend gets through with it. As soon as i finish the game, it’s out of my mind. There’s no lasting effect, and honestly no replayability to me. But that’s just me. That doesn’t warrant a purchase to me.

well, that’s the initial impression of any kind of single player game… but… MULTIPLAYER. It’s appearently out of this world. It’ll be a first day purchase for me so I’ll keep the thread updated on how it plays.

I’m planning on getting the game but only when my bro comes back from UK, since he’s the one who played 2 and beat it. I’m not a fan of the series I’m sad to say, but I might give this game a try if only for multiplayer.

I like AC games and I bought all of them. However buying AC2 pissed me off even though I enjoyed it because Ubisoft rips you off by cutting core content out of the game. Because of that I’m not buying this new game.

Not sure how anyone can be excited for this. Especially since none of the Assassin’s Creed games have been good.

because the online is very fun. i hate AC and will never touch the single player but i play multiplayer everyday damn near:looney::looney: