Assassin's Creed: The Discussion Thread


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Basic Info:
Developed By: Ubisoft Montreal
Published by: Ubisoft
Platforms: PS3, Xbox 360, PC, and DS (Coming soon)
Release Date: U.S/11-13, EU/11-16, JPN/11-29, AUS/11-14
Retail Cost: $59.99 for PS3/360 version, and $69.99 for the Limited Edition.
Official Site

Limited Edition($69.99):
Only available for PS3 and 360, the LE comes with the following:
-10- Inch Altair statue
-Art Book
-Penny Arcade Assassin’s Creed Comics
-Mini Strategy Guide
-Bonus Disc containing Behind the scenes videos, Developer Diaries, Trailers, Interviews, and the winners from the Short Film Contest.

Developed at Ubisoft Montreal by the same development team behind Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time (Not its sequels), Assassin’s Creed is looking to redefine the action/adventure genre. Taking place during The Third Crusade in 1191 A.D, you must guide an Assassin named Altair (Arabic for “The Flying One”) in his quest to regain his honor and slay the men who are profiting off of the Crusades. Although this game appears to be a period piece, whats apparent from the various cutscenes and within game’s HUD is that the game has Sci-fi elements.

Being a trained Assassin, Altair has many skills at his disposal. Movement and platforming is one of features that Ubi-Montreal has put a lot of focus in. Taking influence fromParkour, Altair will be able to traverse many of the game’s environments using these his jumping and climbing skills. And taking full advantage of the 12000+ animations Altair has, each grab and climbing motion with look different depending on what you are holding onto.

Altair evading the guards

The Game has 3 major cities (Jerusalem, Acre, and Damascus)to explore. Each city is accurately modeled from architecture designs used during the time period. The cities are vastly different from each other and have different missions (Side and story-wise) that you can undertake. Such assassinating important figures, gathering info about your marks, and undertaking missions from the assassin’s order.

Jade Raymond:
Just to get this out of the way, Jade Raymond is the game’s producer. Ever since the game’s first unveiling, she’s been getting a lot of attention (Even more so than the game’s creative director and story writer Patrice Desilets). So here is a pic her before anyone starts asking.

On horse back
Altair climbing
Assassinating a mark
Pushing off a guard
Fightin a crowd

TV Spot
Launch Trailer
Ubidays 07 Trailer
The Templars
Massive Montage
Developer Diary: Fight System
Animations Interview
Sidequests and AI
Monferrat PT.1
Monferrat PT.2
Monferrat PT.3

Sites used:
NeoGAF Assassin’s Creed thread

Are there any experts on The Crusades on this forum? I’d like to see your take on this game.


Man I need to get a xbox360 or ps3. I prolly wouldn’t have time to play much anyways, but I’ve been waiting to see what this game is like.


Already got this shit pre-ordered. :tup:


Shes cute.

Is the PC version out yet? I doubt this is worth getting for my 360 with my current PC setup unless it has extras etc.

Edit: Comes out tommorow. Sorry I saw the 360 version on some torrent sites a few days back, figured it was out already.


Me too…I hadn’t planned on doing that either but the chick at Gamestop was really cute and asked me if I wanted to when I picked up NBA2K8 and I obliged lol. whatever…wednesday can’t come soon enough now.


The LE is only available for the consoles. Theres no real date for the PC version though.


I’m buying this game just because Jade Reymond worked on it.

ON the real though,this game looks hella fun.I just saw the commercial,and the music,and how everything was setup was badass.


From my understanding Fish does a lot of the same shit Altier does as far as crowd interaction/hiding within a crowd. I’d much rather have AC tho.


it ships tomorrow? damn that crept up on me, ive been waiting for this for like 2 years.


I wanted the PC version too. Early 2008 doesn’t cut it though. I need this…NOW!

I’ll be picking up the limited edition after classes on Wed.

This game has been on my radar since that first E3 vid. Let’s hope they’ve fixed all those problems the press constantly brought up(controls mainly).


This game looks dope… Im gonna hold out till Christmas because I think someone in my family wants to pick it up for me for a present. If I don’t have it on Christmas morning, i’ll be grabbing it at the store later that day (or the next, if I can’t find one that’s open) hehehe


ugh AC makes me want to break my anti-single player game policies. I love the whole lore behind the templars and I can watch those History Channel specials on the templars all day but then I hear about all this sci-fi talk regarding AC’s storyline and I don’t want to be disappointed with some stupid alien shit. I want to go sneak into Saladin’s palace and snap his neck.


Kristen Bell, who voices a character in this game, actually spoiled the plot twist on Letterman a few months ago. It has nothing to do with aliens. To be honest, i think the Sci-Fi element is rather interesting.


So who’s going to skip class/work tomorrow to buy this?


^^ You’ll be skipping for nothing since it will probably only ship tomorrow.


Did she(Kristen) get in trouble for doing that? Thank god I didn’t see it.


I’m not really sure if she got into any kind of trouble. The sci-fi element is obvious, but she just explained the reasoning (story-wise) behind it.


You realize, in the commercials and trailer, He’s killing templars too right?

Historically, assassins were mainly employed by the Ottomans? From the looks of things though, he’s an equal opportunity killer.


Pff who wants to pay more for damn penny arcade boring ass comics.


Yeah I realize that. I was only trying to say that I want to be submerged within the world of the Crusades. I don’t want some crazy out of left field Geneon ending.


Just to clear this one up, she’s the producer on Assassin’s creed. As in a movie; games usually only have one producer.
Although the fact remains that almost all the attention she’s been getting is because she’s cute; she’s also one of the most important person working on releasing the game.