Assault on San Bernardino - Dec 2

Active police scanner -

12 dead at a mental development centre.
3 suspects.
Possible bomb left in building.
They are on the run.

Now shots have been heard at a Target store 10 miles away from the incident.

A witness at Roberts Elementary reported a camouflaged middle-eastern man with a beard wearing a headset at the Waterman Discount Mall - possibly armed.

just sickening.

Shit, now they’re attacking shopping centers… Looks like I’m not going home today.

They just emailed all the students at my university (UC Riverside) to take pre-caution, since we’re only 10 miles away from the incident =\

Damn. I hope folks are safe.

Hope guys stay safe in the west coast

Damn, that’s cray.

Temporary Flight Restriction is in place now.
And supposedly one of the suspects is a Hispanic male.

Rick Serrano ‏@RickSerranoLAT 2m2 minutes ago Calif mass shooting:The group that may have been targeted was there for a gathering of San Bernardino county employees. Rick Serrano ‏@RickSerranoLAT 8m8 minutes ago Calif mass shooting: Officials think the group renting a meeting room at the health center may have been targeted, and not the bldg itself

Hearing this may be an anti-government organization doing this.

Damn, this is crazy. I read about the unverified report of one man possibly being of middle eastern descent. Man, if this turns out to be some domestic isis attack, muslims might as well go into hiding in murica.

Its such a strange target though. The conspiracy theorist are going to go nuts with this. If this gets linked to arabic, islamic terrorism, and they shot up people at a disability center. The racist white people in murica are about to go completely butt fuck insane.

I just don’t understand why they would attack the ghetto tho unless they’re racists or something. SB ain’t got shit that anyone would want, no one even wants to live there tbh.

In the words of Dave Chappelle “Terrorists are smart enough not to take black people. America don’t give a shit.”

People don’t like it when shootings are politicized but all shootings are eventually political.

Right? SB is like the 2nd poorest city in the NATION only 2nd to Detroit, ain’t got nothing important.

A US Dept of Homeland Security plane has been flying circles all over the area.

I wonder how social media is gonna play this one out.

Condolences to the families affected by this tragedy.

Press conference: upwards of 14 dead and upwards of 14 injured.

Going by Facebook Trending, it’s just more of the usual calls for prayer, people asking for something to be done, and the odd person demanding all guns be banned.

Plus the usual comparison to the utopia of gun control that is Australia.

Anyone with a tan and a bag will be a suspect

jesus christ =\