Assault on Wall Street (Uwe Boll does it again!)

Nooo…Dominic and Eric, why…

Seriously, who keeps giving this fucking clown money to make shit movies with.

The same people who keep giving Michael Bay money.

Thing is that Boll has made at least one good flick (Rampage) so give him the benefit of the doubt and this looks like a fun flick.

“Lincoln Burrows with Sara Tancredi’s dad… :open_mouth: Where’s Michael Scofields?” yeah and where’s Teabag? Oh forgot, he’s on Cult…

Nobody. He found a loophole in German law that lets him claim back all the production costs at the end of the year. He doesn’t have to make money to make movies.

That is one hell of a loophole

Wow, looked it up and man that is insane.