Assist facts/counters

I did a search about this but I couldn’t get what I was looking for.
A long while back I read on a different site something about how certain assists counter others, it was kinda like an assist match-up thing. Does anyone know anything about this.

Just interested in the common assist characters like Cyke, Psy, Capcom, Doom, Tron, etc. But if you have other info thats cool too.

was it that?

yo, what happened to video opera? it really had the potential to be as good as SRK in terms of popularity. They had some shit going for them back in 03/04…

agreed dude. even though i fell out of the game and didn’t get back into it until 05-06 i still learned the most from a defunct site. figures. definitely had an excellent layout and for some reason or another really didn’t attract a whole lot of noobish posts.