Assist gems can be used in Trial mode like easy input

Hey guys I´ve just found out that u can use assist gems like easy input in trial mode which makes the combos easier for people who have problem with them… here is a video which shows it.

But if you do that wouldn’t that defeat the purpose of actually doing the trials? just asking…because quite frankly I do the trials because I want to make sure that I can land what the cpu is telling me to land with my own abilities. eh…nvm I’m over analyzing lol

I could see this coming in handy when you don’t want to play a certain character but you just want to have 100% trial completion. xD

I thought this was common sense? You can use gems everywhere else. I’m not being mean or anything but hmmmm.

Îam doing the trials the normal but i wanted to show that method for people who have problems with that

Thats what I figured, I meant no offence.