Assist kill with Omega Red

TO anyone who uses Omega, have any of oyu ever assist killed with him. If so how do you go about setting it up and doing it.

I either A. do a snapback combo then do coruching HP (the spinning coils) to raise them in the air, then do Diagonal or Vertical OMega Strikes (reteracted) until the guy dies.

Or B. (With Silver Samurai on my team) If the Silver Samurai in Ice Mode kills the point character and the assist is still forzen, I swithc in Omega, then just Diagonal Omega Strike (retracted) until he dies.

i have yet to try it but now that you brought it up, i should pratice some assist-kill combos.

1 question though : if your in the corner with the assist dangling cause you just killed the character on point, then a vertical OR diagonal omega strike will bounce them high enough in the air, so you can do it over and over till death? or what

Yes, if you killed the point, and their assist just jumps out and poses or you have him in a combo while you killed hte point, then quickly get that diagonal omega strike, then once that is done, you MUST retract the strikes as SOON as you hit the assist, then IMMEDIATELY begin another one because at that point once you redo a stirke, the assist will be DIRECTLY touching OMega’s feet, and missed timing and the assist could get away.

You could use the vertical omega strike, i think its easier with the vertical thoguh becasue you dont have to worry about timeing it too precisely, but again its only when you are at the corner that vertical will work, due to the nature of how the strike hits and makes them fly away.

but Omega has a nubmer of ways to get them into this. For one you could have your assist kill the point and as their assist come out quickkly get into a carbonadium smasher, because when omega hits an assist with the smasher, they just dangle and sit there and start jerking their head back and forth alowing you enoguhg time to properly position yourself.
Another is if you are using an point who can stun the assist long enought to get omega in, in my case i explained using the silver samurai, and while doing his glacial spike super if the point dies and the assist is there, i will move to the other sied of the screen then switch in omega, at this point omega will recover from his taunt fast enoguh to being and hit the assist wiht an omega strike and countinou it.
or just use the old fashoned snapback combo with your assist to get their assist.