Assist killing without meters

for characters like sentinel and juggernaut, how do you kill an assist without using meters? with sent u can just keep doing the plasma ball

his launcher’s too slow… and i haven’t been able to keep it up by doing launcher fly unfly repeat…

and juggernaut just seems to slow to do shit…

hmmm just remembered that assist killing combos so assists are out. I thought juggernaut could reluanch inf… Mike z does it on his vid right?

i don’t know, but when i tried it, they landed after about 3 reps or so… i don’t think my timing was off, but i did notice that ever rep, they did get lower…

ehhh?? with sent, its:

launch, lk, fly, [lk, lk, dp rocket punch]xN

no need for flyXXunfly junk.

i’ve been wondering what spiral’s is. I’m pretty sure she has one, b/c i remember duc dashing to go do some shit to an assist, but was too slow to launch em.

yeah… i didn’t know that… haha
i suck

you can relaunch with sent too, i tried it one day and just mashed some shit, im sure you can do it many ways… just launch and do a slow ass magic series or something, as long as you end with MK which kicks them up high

what are you talking about? a double snapout?

if so

then its what gbursine said

but i use lk (lp version) rocket punch, it resets so u can do it less times. if u snapped the opponent out and the assist is still there, try fly lk, hk, rocket punch, then do the lk rocket punch juggle reset.

its hard but possible, if u double snap the opponent, dash up c.lkxxfly rocket punch juggle.

with juggernaut if the assist is just there, launch, air combo ends with hk, f+hp on ground repeat. headcrush near death if u want.

i smell the negs already so just go ahead and give me some m1x.

easiest with senti, launch, fly, unfly, launch, fly, unfly, if you can’t do it, keep practicing, but if not, then try,( after drones super catching assist, hp+ storm pro., rp) then fly over lk, mk, rp, repeat. it works because since the assist catches them giving senti enough time to fly over for the kill, oh and im assuming you do use senti/storm/AAA

not necessarily a double snap, but say i got somebody in RP HSF with their assist, and they die… same difference, right… i want to kill the assist off without burning meter… normally i’d do plasma ball, but if i don’t have meter, im’ SOL

is the main character still there or are you just juggling the assist?

if its just the assist do laserxxfly, go up and lk rp, lk rp, lk rp until death.

what does “and they die…” typically mean?

From the Evo Grand Finals, looks like snap, dash, cLK,cRH launcher, repeat cRH until death.

im pretty sure that juggs can keep s. hp ing them when they are already in the air, maybe by doing corner jug punch into c. lp, s. hp, then s. hp x N as far as double snapout situation i think juggs may be too slow

he’s not too slow for a kill with assist on the screen to relaunch

thanks for the sentinel help guys :slight_smile:

Is there an assist infinite thread anywhere?

what is capcom’s?

Good question, what about Doom? I’ll try playing around with these guys.

Doom can do the repeated standing Forward launcher (d/f+HK) in the corner, and midscreen he can do [c.HP, sj.LP, air dash down, sj.LP, land]x whatever. Sometimes you need to air dash d/f, like how you might need to take a step forward witht he standard relaunch assist infinites. I don’t know one for Commando off of the top of my head.

df+hp is his mini-launcher i think… i never really tried to see if it worked though.:nunchuck:

fancy or easy?

easy is launch walk forward, repeat… (

fancy is launch, xx qcf+hk, dash, repeat