Assist List

So the other day I decided that rather than study, my time would be better spent going through every assist in the game to see what they did. I was originally looking for any that could still cause a knockdown long after HSD had kicked in, but ended up checking which ones caused ground bounces, OTG, etc. This stuff is probably all in the guide, but I figured this might be helpful to anybody who didn’t have a copy (I’m not the only one, right…?)

But first, a few notes:
-To test all this, I went into training mode, picked Dante and 2 other characters, and tried each of their assists. I just realized I forgot to try out Dante’s assists lol.
-To check if the assist would still cause a knockdown, I did a simple combo ending with an OTG (usually Cold Shower or Volcano) and called the assist so the dummy would be hit in the air. Most of the time they just flipped out right away.

‘simple combo’


:m:, :h:, 6:h:, BC Volcano, air:m:, air:h:, Killer Bee, :s:, :h::h::h: (upshots or clay pigeon or whatever the hell it’s called), Prop Shredder, BC Teleport, Sky Dance, 3:h::h::h: (Cold Shower), Stinger, bold move, Hammer, Assist + OTG

-For wall/ground bounces, I just called the assist. I also tried using the assist in the aforementioned combo, to see if it would reset the bounce. I think the only one that did so was Deadpool’s B (Katanarama)
-Some assists are in more than one section. That’s because they cause more than one effect.
-It’s possible that I made a few (or a lot) of mistakes, or maybe missed some things; please point these out so I can fix them. You can be mean about it or nice about it, whichever.
-I don’t know the names of a lot of these moves
-I was going to call this thread “You can’t spell ‘assist’ without sis! And twice the ass!” But that’s wrong, in more than one way.

OTG capable assists


Assists that will hit your opponent while they are in a hard knockdown state, lifting them off the ground and allowing you to continue a combo

Arthur - Y (Fire Bottle) - Delayed startup
C. Viper - B (Seismo) -
Chris - Y (Land Mine) - Delayed startup, but it stays out for a long time
Deadpool - B (Katanarama) - Causes a ground bounce, also resets ground bounce rule
Doom - B (Hidden MIssiles) -
Felicia - B (Sand Splash) -
Firebrand - A - Kind of slow
Ghost Rider - B, Y -
Hawkeye - B, Y - Scatter Shot OTGs on the way back down
Hulk - A (Gamma Wave) -
Iron Fist - B - Seems to cause the opponent to recover immediately. Does the move on point cause a ground bounce?
Iron Man - Y (Smart Bomb) -
Phoenix Wright - Y (Get 'em, Missile!) - At least I think it does. It’s reaaly slow though. Hits low
Sentinel - B (Rocket Punch) -
She Hulk - A (Torpedo) - Somewhat slow
Shuma Gorath - A (Mystic Ray) - Slow
Wesker - B (Samurai Edge) - Hits low
X23 - B (Ankle Slice) - Hits low
Storm - B (Typhoon) - Has long startup, but active for a while
Taskmaster - Y (Vertical Arrows) - OTGs on the way back down
Viewtiful Joe - Y (Shocking Pink) - Delayed, explosion can hurt either team

Assists that cause a ground bounce


As the name suggests, hitting an opponent with one of these moves causes them to slam into the ground and bounce back up. Generally, if 1 ground bounce has already been used in a combo, then the character will recover as soon as they hit the ground.

Akuma - Y - Causes a ground bounce on an aerial opponent. I think it can OTG, but it’s so slow that it’s not very practical for that purpose (as far as I know)
Deadpool - B (Katanarama) - Hits OTG, resets ground bounce limit (also uses it, but you can save the bounce by doing an attack with your point character at the same time)
Felicia - Y (Cat Spike) -
Haggar - B (THE PIPE) - Also causes a hard knockdown, for very easy confirms/extensions. If the ground bounce has already been used in a combo, it will just cause the hard knockdown.
Jill - A -
Nemesis - B -
Nova - B - Ignores the 1 ground bounce per combo rule, but does not reset the limit.
Strider Hiryu - A -
Thor - B - No longer causes a hard knockdown if the ground bounce has been used up

Assists that cause a wall bounce


A character hit by one of these moves will fly to the edge of the screen, hit an invisible wall, and bounce back the way they came. Similar to ground bounces, only one can be used per combo. I’m not aware of any ways to reset this rule, but you can save the wallbounce for later.
If the opponent has already been bounced off the wall, trying to do it again will have them fly to the edge of the screen but they will not bounce back, and will recover upon reaching the floor. Sometimes they won’t even reach the edge of the screen and recover in midair. No idea why this happens.

Ghost Rider - A -
Iron Fist - Y -
Jill - B (Arrow Kick) - No longer causes a hard knockdown afterwards
Nemesis - A (Clothesline Rocket) - The clothesline part of the move causes the bound, the rocket part does not. However it’s easy to make the rocket miss, and it will do so on its own most of the time anyway
Nova - Y -
Phoenix Wright - B - Only in Turnabout Mode. It’s also invincible for the most part.
Rocket Raccoon - Y (Pendulum/Log Trap) -
Spencer - Y -
Strider Hiryu - B (Gram) -
Super Skrull - A (Stone Smite) -
Wesker - A (Ghost Butterfly) -

Knockdowns assists


The original reason I wasted an afternoon. Since assists are now subject to hitstun decay, many combo extenders from Fate of Two Worlds are gone. Some just require different timing, while others are no longer possible. While many assists will still cause a knockdown if used raw or early in a combo, using them for late extensions will provide rather unsatisfactory results. Oftentimes the dummy would recover before the assist had even finished its attack; Ryu’s Tatsumaki comes to mind.
But don’t despair! Some assists still cause knockdowns, of the hard and soft variety (I wonder if I should word that differently… nah) Like I said above, I would call an assist at the end of a Dante combo, OTG, and observe. So some of these assists might not actually have knockdown properties, but they still cause enough hitstun so that it seems that way. Unless otherwise stated, these will cause a soft knockdown:

Arthur - A (Heavenly Slash) - Appears to have some invincibility, didn’t really test it out though.
Nemesis - Y (Rocket) -
Strider Hiryu - Y (Vajra) - Hard knockdown on aerial opponent, nothing on grounded
Wesker - Y (Jaguar Dash? Panther Dash? Tiger Run? something like that) - Spinning knockdown, doesn’t appear to be affected by HSD
Deadpool - A (Quickwork) - Spinning knockdown, unaffected by HSD
Shuma Gorath - Y -
Spencer - A - Hard knockdown, but short time until recovery
Chris - A (Combination Punch) - The 2nd hit causes a hard knockdown, but the opponent can recover after the first hit
Haggar - A (Lariat) - No more hard knockdown, hooray! Also the invincibility seems nerfed, I’m unsure of the specifics though.
C. Viper -Y (Burn Kick) - I thought I read somewhere that it no longer causes a knockdown, but I might be remembering wrong. Or I could’ve just thrown any validity of my testing out the window. Any input would be appreciated.



Some assists hit high, some assists hit low. Probably best used for unblockable setups. Unfortunately these can be difficult to test in training mode, as setting the dummy to all block will make it block everything. But even if it’s not a perfect setup, they’re still pretty damn hard to block correctly for a human.
I might’ve missed some assists, because I only tried the ones that actually look like they’d hit high or low. Anyway,

Akuma - Y (Demon Flip Divekick) - Hits overhead, ground bounces aerial opponents, might OTG
C. Viper - Y (Burn Kick) - Hits overhead, soft knockdown
Deadpool - A (Quickwork) - Hits low, spinning knockdown
Felicia - A (Rolling Buckler) - Hits low
Nova - B (Centurion Arts) - Hits overhead, forced ground bounce (no reset on bounce)
Phoenix Wright - Y (Get 'em, Missile!) - Hits low, I think it OTGs
She Hulk - A (Torpedo) - Hits low, OTG
Wesker - B (Samurai Edge) - Hits low, OTG
X23 - B (Ankle Slice) - Hits low, OTG



Thanks to: Red Rick Dias for the original post, and El_Maiz for sharing it here
Capcom Full-Screen Projectile Assists
[INDENT=1]Akuma (Go Hadouken)[/INDENT]
[INDENT=1]Arthur (Dagger Toss)[/INDENT]
[INDENT=1]Chris (Gun Fire)[/INDENT]
[INDENT=1]Morrigan (Soul Fist)[/INDENT]
[INDENT=1]Ryu (Hadouken)[/INDENT]
[INDENT=1]Trish (Low Voltage)[/INDENT]
[INDENT=1]Tron (Bandit Boulder)[/INDENT]
[INDENT=1]Wright (Get 'Em Missile)[/INDENT]
[INDENT=1]Viewtiful Joe (Voomerang)[/INDENT]
[INDENT=1]Zero (Hadangeki)[/INDENT]
Marvel Full-Screen Projectile Assists
[INDENT=1]Dr. Doom (Plasma Beam definitely, Hidden Missiles somewhat counts)[/INDENT]
[INDENT=1]Dr. Strange (Daggers of Denac, Bolts of Balthakk)[/INDENT]
[INDENT=1]Hawkeye (Greyhound or Kamikaze Shot)[/INDENT]
[INDENT=1]Iron Man (Unibeam)[/INDENT]
[INDENT=1]Magneto (Disruptor)[/INDENT]
[INDENT=1]MODOK (Psionic Blast)[/INDENT]
[INDENT=1]Phoenix (TK Shot, obviously a bad idea)[/INDENT]
[INDENT=1]Rocket Raccoon (spitfire)[/INDENT]
[INDENT=1]Sentinel (Drones)[/INDENT]
[INDENT=1]Shuma Gorath (Mystic Ray)[/INDENT]
[INDENT=1]Spider-Man (Web Ball)[/INDENT]
[INDENT=1]Storm (Whirlwind, just barely reaches)[/INDENT]
[INDENT=1]Taskmaster (Horizontal Arrows)[/INDENT]
[INDENT=1]Thor (Mighty Spark)[/INDENT]

Lockdown assists


Assists that will hold the opponent in place, allowing you to your mixups in. Assists can’t be pushblocked, so go nuts.

Amaterasu - B (Cold Star) - Is subject to HSD in this game, and causes mad scaling. It can still be used for combo extension, it’s just different from before. Still the best lockdown assist in this game IMO
Doctor Strange - B (Eye of Agamatto) - Doctor Strange jumps behind your point character and summons a floating orb that stays in place for days. It also absorbs some projectiles, but I’m not sure of the specifics about it. I’m guessing it just has hella durability.

  • Y Bolts of Balthaak - Shoots two beams out, with a gap between the first and second. Can be ducked under by most characters, which means easy overhead if they’re not paying attention. If hit by the first beam, they’ll also be staggered, but the second beam has a lot less hitstun on it.
    Frank West - A (Shopping Cart) - I don’t really like this assist for this purpose because it pushes the opponent backwards, and it doesn’t last very long. Although that’s not an issue in the corner, I suppose.
    Rocket Raccoon - A (Spitfire Twice) - Shoots two… bullet things. Similar to Sentinel’s drones in that it’s not a true blockstring. The projectiles themselves have really low durability. Rocket Raccoon is really low to the ground, making him a small target and difficult to hit, unlike Sentinel.
    Dante - A (Jam Session) - Dante’s ugly-ass guitar creates a column of lightning that goes to the top of the screen (at least I assume it does. I’ve never actually been up there.) The column itself is a projectile, either a beam or has beam-like properties, and so will ‘absorb’ a lot of other projectiles. Keeps the opponent in a lot of blockstun, enough to charge up unblockables. Also affected by HSD in Ultimate, but can still easily be used for combo extension. One of the best assists in the game.
  • Y (Weasel Shot) - Shoots forward at a downward angle. Really good for left/right mixups.
    Iron Man - B (Repulsor Blast) -



A few assists that didn’t fit into the above categories, but I felt were still worth mentioning for one reason or another.

Iron Fist - A
She Hulk - B
Both of these assists will cause a grounded opponent to crumple and slowly fall to the ground. Hitting somebody in a crumple state will put them into an aerial juggle state (so you only get one per combo).

Spencer - B
will grab an opponent and force them into a standing state. I believe it is the only move in the game that can do this (besides Spencer on point, obviously)

Magneto - B (Hyper Grav)
Spiderman - A (Web Ball)
Trish - B (Peekaboo)
These three assists, upon contact with a character, will cause them to be captured. Web Ball and Peekaboo are affected by HSD, so the opponent will flip out right away if used late in a combo. This can lead to a reset if you’re so inclined.
Hyper Grav seemed to have the same amount of capture time no matter when it was used, but I didn’t extensively test this. It lasted long enough to work, and that’s all I really wanted to know.

Work in progress

:(. I was looking for assists that cover the horizontal axis, but you didn’t mention it here.

I suppose I could do that too. Probably won’t get to it until tomorrow but off the top of my head:
Iron Man - Unibeam
Doctor Doom - Plasma Beam, Molecular Shield
Hawkeye - Triple Arrow (Greyhound I think)
Taskmaster - Horizontal Shot
Dante - Weasel Shot (shoots at a downward angle)
Chris - Machine Gun
Ryu - Hado
Morrigan - Soul Fist
Sentinel - Drones

For the otgs assists, you should mention which ones are delayed, like Shocking Pink and Fire Bottle Toss.

Ryu-Y knocks down, at least in power up mode.

This is good. Also you could do lists of high/low hitting assists + whatever other effects they have. Also other good categories would be lockdown assists, projectile assists, trap assists.

Good idea. Started working on it, but there are looooot of projectile assists in this game lol.
I don’t have work tomorrow though so I’ll probably finish then. It’s not like I have a life or anything (I’m not even being sarcastic ;_; )

Red Rick Dias from the Frank West thread.