Assist ME!...with throwing

I’m trying to get better at kara-command throwing. Can anyone spare some timing tips and strategies into working command throws into corner mix-ups? Also is it worth the risk to attempt a corner air throw reset from a launcher (Since opponents can kind of predict it)? Finally, in general which moves are “punishable” by an air throw or normal/command throw. Does priority have anything to do with it?

I find that calling a slow lockdown assist then dashing in for a grab while they’re (usually) getting ready to block the assist (Read: holding down back) tends to be pretty effective, at least until they start learning (which most 'tards online dont, assuming you play online). Not sure what exactly what you mean by “from a launcher”, but if its what I think it is (launching and not pursuing, and trying to grab them on the way down), its not advisable (I.E., its pretty damn obvious after the first time). Pretty much any move with a slow start-up/recovery is prime command grab bait, generally.

I try to do stuff like this but it often ends with both my characters getting combod

You use a frank west, so I would think locking down in the corner with frank west, then using frame traps. If you do a couple frame traps then rush in for a grab, mentally your opponent is still expecting frame traps and waiting for a moment to jump away or to trying to correctly time a push block to get some distance.