"Assist OK!" flashes, assist still doesn't come out


Very rarely the Wesker assist comes out when it should, even though the Assist OK showed up for Wesker. This is the first time I’ve encountered this, it always happens during this specific combo. Can anyone explain? I kept the inputs on for reference.


This happens to me all the time, not in this specific combo but just in general.


There’s still a cooldown time in between calling assists, but it’s not illustrated anywhere on screen. You’re still in cooldown from calling Hulk.


I don’t know much about Hagger, but I assume he has a QCF move, so perhaps it’s that you’re trying to call Wesker while you’re doing a QCF. The time you called Wesker the inputs read :d::h::df::f::h:. For some reason the game doesn’t let you call an assist right as you’re inputting a motion for a special, so perhaps there’s some confusion there.

Other than that I can only think you’re calling him a tiny bit too soon before the cooldown has completely finished. Then again I don’t really know so it might be something else entirely.


The game does let you call assist during specials. That’s how certain combos are setup I.E. Spidey’s web throw combos with drones assist or the hidden missile OTG after ulitimate web throw. As for this I’m not sure since I can’t access youtube where I’m at here to see what’s going on.


I don’t know much about Spiderman combos but I’m pretty sure the assists get called right before the special. You can’t call assists during special moves (though there might exist some moves that are exceptions but I’m not sure).


No you can’t call during the special itself but you can call during the motions for a special which is what Spartan was saying couldn’t be done.

Edit: I guess I could have been more specific in my first post. I was responding to Spartan Throne and meant during the inputs you can call assist


Eh always found the assist calling system iffy. As a hardcore MVC2 player for quite some time, i was spoiled with the ability to call out an assist practically whenever the hell i wanted.

In UMVC3 its weird…can’t do it while attacking, or doing a special attack, or something. Never did bother to figure out the exact rules i just rolled with it.

I suppose this was done to “balance” assisting.


Fuck this. What about assists magically falling back into combos after they’ve already started recovering and are beginning to go offscreen? shit makes no sense.


^ This is the reason while i lost a match yesterday at a tournament akuma walk back into the combo


Strange, I’ve tried it a lot where I’ve gone through it with swift motions like these to test it:

  • :d::df::f::a1:+:l:
  • :d::df::f::a1:~:l:
  • :d::df::a1::f::l:
  • :d::a1::df::f::l:

I think the later ones work but it’s still iffy, though I’m pretty sure you can’t get the assist to come out if you press the normal for the special within say a frame or two of calling the assist. Same reason if you throw and call an assist the assist’s startup gets cancelled altogether. But if you know some certain methods or whether this is perhaps character specific please let me in on it as it’d be quite helpful :slight_smile:


Well the mechanics are the same as they were in MvC2. You can call an assist during a normal but not during a special, while blocking or super jumping. So long as a special isn’t activated within a certain frame of the special you are inputting the assist will come out. I do know that if you hit the assist close to an inputted attack then the assist won’t come out because by the time it activates, meaning it comes on the screen, the said special registers right before they enter thus cancelling it out BUT I’ve noticed even when this happens you can still call said assist again later in some combos. I don’t know exactly. I was having problems with the assist not coming out as well but I started paying attention to my hands and noticed I was moving too fast for my own good and the game was registering the assist after the attack. The two situations I mentioned earlier, web throw into drones, and doom missiles otg after ultimate web throw look like this.

Web Throw plus drones, Spidey needs to time it where two drones hit to get an extra web throw, if only one hits the whole combo changes which is no good.

:f::df::d:+:a1::db::b: + :atk: makes Sent come out prior to web throw with enough time for the full cinematic and both drones hit allowing another web throw.
:f:+:a1::df::d::db::b: + :atk: does the same as above but earlier causing only drone to hit making for a different followup. Throwing the assist call at down back or back before the attack does not make sentinel come out.

with Doom and UWT it’s the same principle. If I call out Doom before I input the super missiles come out too soon and hit the ground during the animation thus fucking up the otg afterwards. (Ignore the fact that Spidey has an OTG, this is an example) If I call Doom at the :d: input then finish the rest of the quarter circle back Doom comes out and lands to start right after the super flash finishes.

I used those examples, though people may not use Spidey :rolleyes:, because there’s no other way to do those and get the said results. The assist has to be buffered with the special to work. With the Doom example, it can only be done like that when cancelling a normal obviously since when you cancel from the special the game is still registering the special so no assist will come out. These methods also apply to super jump cancelling launchers since the jump canceled special grounds you, assuming you’re going for a ground move, you never technically super jump so the game still can buffer the assist call to work like normal.

I hope this long winded post was able to help some. I wish they would have at least left it where you can DHC even though you have an assist on the screen.

Edit: I saw someone’s earlier post talking about assist cooldown. Like I said I can’t see the video because I’m deployed and youtube is banned here but the cooldown window isn’t that long inbetween assist. If I remember right you can all your next assist the first frame or two after the first assist has completely, physically, cleared the screen and don’t really have to wait on the “Assist OK” sign. It’ll register both of them “OK” after the second one clears.


The first method doesn’t work, the second will get a snapback, the third and fourth both work. If the input was not QCF, the second one would also work.


Second one doesn’t work regardless of the motion, it’s the timing between the assist call and the button input of the special which causes the fuss.