Assist Priorities

Just thought a thread about assists in general would help people (like me). Which aaa beats what, what does more damage, etc. doesn’t have to be ALL the assists, just the most used ones or the ones worth noting.

Ken beats all.
Cyclops/Cammy is next.

At least, thats all I use. I dont like Doom, he can setup stuff nicely for IM, but gets owned by rushdown.

Ken’s assist wont stop for anything. It goes through and finishes his assist without get hit until he falls back down.

Cyke’s assist has little startup invincibility, but its very useful. It keeps the opponent locked down, and stops rushdown. It also sets up things 2nd to the best (IMO). He is excellent to fight with when left last if used properly.

Cammy’s is just like Ken’s, but unfortunately, her assist stops with certain objects, like Doom rocks or Tron rings. If you just block it, or something happens to hit it, she is wide open for a while. Though she is really good when left with, I don’t think her assist is that useful, just against S/D.

** I THINK ** that the invincibility portion of psylocke’s AAA is when she jumps. But she does have some invincibility, but its almost useless because its so short. But this assist sets up anything at all for the god tiers. It gives more time to react than cyke. It lacks a little bit of range though. Still, very good with anyone that can do damage

Commando’s assist has no invincibility at all, and his assist isnt instant, thats why he gets owned but ground/tron assists. However, he makes up for that with damage and range. Goes best with Sentinel.

Tron’s assist, is just too good. Its not like “just run away from that shit” anymore, you just get crossed up at the bottom. But anyways, it does damage that make cable and sentinel a 1 hit kill character. Connect all rings in a combo, and then a super for some killage. No invincibility, but good against rushdown if timed right.

To me, this list seems pretty accurate:

  1. Doctor Doom
  2. Psylocke (sets up some VERY malicious air combos, especially with Magneto)
  3. Captain Commando (wouldn’t be Santhrax without him)
  4. Tron (VERY strong damage for so few hits, and stuns your opponent long enough to do damage)
  5. Cable. Need I say more? :slight_smile:

how good is cable’s AAA in relation to others? would sent’s drones beat doom’s rocks? this was kinda meant for people to understand the properties of assists against one another.

for example, storm’s typhoon will go through anything. once it’s out nothing will stop it. but if ken’s AAA is invincible as you say, i don’t know if one would stop the other, or they would just go right through each other as if nothing happened.

Reminder: Cammy can be used in Sent combos as a replacement for CapCom (in limited uses). :tup: That’s my girl.

FOBio, to answer your question, when two invincible things come together, they will just go through each other. say Ken and Cammy get called out at the same time, they will just go through each other, like nothing was even there.

cable’s AA is pretty shitty if you cant use it right. it gets pwned by almost anything. yet he could mean your comeback in some games. his assist buys hella time, you just need to know how to use that time.

Cable’s AAA is good. I like to be at either edge of the screen and call him out. With Mags in the corner, you can do that werid GB with HG XX MT after they come down from getting hit by the AAA. You’ve gotta use it sparingly, though, unless you’re RowTron.

Guard break? I look at it as a crossup, I’m pretty sure it is. Cable’s Scimitar puts ou in SJ mode, meaning you can block more than twice. The HG makes you block the wrong way cuz it puts you on the other side. I’m pretty sure thats how it is. I could be wrong

They’re facing the right way. I’m almost 100% positive. It looks like a GB IMO. Probably something weird happens when the character leaves the screen. Little elves :stuck_out_tongue:

it could be because you go off-screen, but maybe i was too close, if it is a guard break it should be from a distance.

A short and basic rundown would be like…

Commonly [and not so common] used AAA’s discussed here: Cammy, Ken, Cyclops, Psylocke, Captain Commando, Tron, Doom.

Ken’s AAA is completely invicible while he’s on fire
Beats: Everyone
Trades with: No one
Loses to: No one

Cammy’s AAA is the same as Ken, except she bounces off of things, i.e. Sentinel drones and Doom rocks.
Beats: Everyone [I think]
Trades with: No one
Loses to: No one

Cyclops’ AAA beats everyone below him in this list
Beats: Psylocke, Commando, Tron, Doom
Trades with: Cyclops
Loses to: Ken, Cammy

Psylocke beats everyone below her, EXCEPT commando, in which either she gets hit or they both miss each other
Beats: Tron, Doom
Trades with: Commando
Loses to: Ken, Cammy, Cyclops

Commando can beat others if he’s called early enough, but it’s tricky - loses to tron and Doom BAD if you call at the same time
Beats: Not completely sure
Trades with: Cyclops, Psylocke
Loses to Ken, Cammy, Tron, Doom

Tron loses out to a lot of AAA’s - almost all of them, except rapes Commando pretty well
Beats: Commando
Trades with: Psylocke [this is situational, if Tron already has her rings out, Psylocke will knock her down but take damage in the process. Otherwise Psylocke will beat her clean]
Loses to: Ken, Cammy, Cyclops, Doom [Situational, but less so]

Doom Takes forever to come out if the opponent is more than a a character away, but the rocks cover well
Beats: Commando, Tron
Trades with: Cammy [bounces off the rocks most of the time]
Loses to: Ken, Cyclops, Psylocke

There’s a basic list, from my experiences. Feel free to correct if I fucked up somewhere.

MEcha Gief Ground >>> All assists

mech gief gets pwned by ken.

tron can trade with cammy, IF, she bounces off the rings. and she can trade with cyke from a distance.

Hellllaaaaaa cheating. :sad:

In terms of damage:

Simply put everyone does crappy damage except for Commando, Tron and Doom [when you block it all]. Cyke, Psy, and to some extent Tron, set up pretty well.

I believe Cable has a quick startup. Also the aaa shoots at a good angle.

Ken is invulnerable, period.

Cammy is invulnerable until she hits a solid object. If that solid object is another character, she’ll win. If that solid object is a projectile like Doom’s rocks, BH’s demons or Sentinel’s drones before she gets to the character and then said projectiles hit her, she loses. Non-solid projectiles, such as fireballs, beams, photon charges, etc, won’t stop her, she’ll sail clean through them. This is one reason photon-raining Dooms really hate Cammy, you can literally watch him go to the air, and if he doesn’t airdash up, you can call Cammy on reaction to the first frames of his photon charge animation and she’ll hit him clean.

Cyclops, Psylocke, Guile, Ryu, and probably a few other characters’ AAAs have limited invulnerability for the opening frames of their animation. After that, they have good priority but they’ll lose to anything that’s invulnerable or to projectiles.

Commando has really good priority and has a very small hit box, but if you have a wide-area assist like Doom or Tron, it’ll take him out fairly clean. Commando’s release time is also rather slow, so people with quick chars and reflexes can see him coming and stop attacking in time to block the corridor, and an airdashing Magneto will frequently get him firing off in the wrong direction. This also can happen with Cyclops, whose release time is also a little goofy at times in hitting Magnetos sailing around overhead. Cammy and Psylocke both release much faster, if you’re not already blocking when it comes out, you’re pretty much done. In this way, although Commando and Cyclops are better space controlling assists, Cammy and Psylocke are far better for making hyper-aggressive Magnetos think twice about whether or not they shouldn’t slow down a bit.

Tron’s priority is good but she’ll usually trade, just that she’ll usually win the damage trade, and the radar dish will often stop projectiles. (I’ve seen people counter Tron into HSF and she’ll come out unscathed.) Stuff like Ken’s hurricane kick, and other such things, are similar, although they’ll lose more trades.

Juggernaut punch has basically no actual priority, per se, it’s basically a matter of whether or not you can manage to blast through the super armor before you get whacked into next week.

cable’s aaa is underrated by most marvel players

Not by me. That is the most annoying shit ever. Sends you flying if you mess up. :frowning:

Nobody mentioned jins aaa. Why is that, is that cause he has a lot of lag on most of his moves. His aaa is very good, his expanion is there but u can otg after it. But as far as his aaa is concerned it is very good. it comes out very quick and it beats out a lot of stuff since he’s invincible. Cammy aaa used to be good but not reliable in sent cammy and sent commando.

sent ken is better than commando in some instances
ken is a better fighter than commando. thoughts on ken assist and is he better with sent, of course played to its full potential? i bet nobody thought that commando expansion could beat out doom aaa. pretty weird but true. commando expansion is anti strider doom. even if dooms rocks r on the screen commando just kicks him away.

Read Higher-Jin’s article on why Jin sucks.

Cable’s AAA is good, but it goes at an angle that’s a little weird. I trust it, though.

Ken a better fighter that Commando? Well, he can do more damage, but good luck trying to get the air combo on anyone decent. Unless fighting Sent, Commando is pretty decent. He can punish triangle jumps clean, too, if you can see or predict them. That, coupled with the ninja and jehetty (throw isn’t that great - counter mashing), makes Commando a playable character IMO.

Not saying Ken sucks, I just prefer Commando.