Assist tier list?

I noticed that unlike MVC2, there isn’t over 100 assists in this game, which they said was holding back the list in that game. so my question is, who has the best-worst assists in TVC? obviously, Giants are excluded.

Best: Ryu/Morrigan/Roll/Alex/Tekkman

Top 4: Fireball(Ryu Morrigan), Polimar, Chun Li, Tekkaman.

I break the assists down like this:

Tier 1 Assists:

Tier 2 Assists:

Tier 3 Assists:
Almost everyone else

Tier 4 Assists:
Frank West

I base my rankings on the following factors:

Comboability: How easy is it for ANY character to use this assist to extend his/her combos?

Speed: How quickly does this assist become active?

Priority: How good is this assist at beating out other moves.

Hitbox: How much of the screen does this move occupy with its active frames.

I purposely did not rate assists on range due to it being a rather unfair metric. Obviously projectile assists are going to shine in that category, but this game is a very in-your-face fighter relegating long range assists to very niche strategies.

I’ll delve a little further into the assists that I rank at the top of the list:

Chun - Chun’s assist is a very quick anti-air that leaves your opponent in a free fall state giving you the opportunity to continue your combo. It had invulnerability on startup in CGoH, but the developers of UAS correctly identified that as being a little to good.
C: 10
S: 9
P: 10
H: 10

**Megaman - ** Megaman’s assist is very much like Chun’s assist except it does still have a invulnerability on startup but it causes a faster free fall on hit.
C: 9
S: 10
P: 10
H: 10

**Ryu - ** This is pretty much the go-to assist of the game. If you simply want to make your combos longer, you go here. If you want to pull some hidden assist shenanigans, you go here. Its just all around good.
C: 10
S: 10
P: 10
H: 10

**Morrigan - ** Morrigan’s assist is almost a mirror image of Ryu’s assist except it travels a bit slower and is a larger projectile. They can be used ALMOST interchangeably for most combo applications.
C: 10
S: 9
P: 10
H: 10

**Polimar - **This man is somewhat of a black sheep among my top bunch. The comboability provided by this assist is beyond that of other characters due to just how long it remains active. This assist also holds the opponent in place which opens up mixup options.
C: 11 <-- Yes…ELEVEN
S: 9
P: 9
H: 10

Some of my odder placements:
**Zero - ** The only reason Zero is not in my top list is the fact that his assist cause a recoverable knockback. This limits the assists usefulness for some characters as you just can’t combo after it. That being said, that is its only negative attribute. This assist is invulnerable on startup and will (at worst) trade after hit 1.
C: 7
S: 10
P: 10
H: 10

**Tekkaman - **I’m sorry guys, but I really don’t like this assist at all. It has slow startup, slow recovery and has a huge dead zone when used alone or in a combo.
C: 8
S: 7
P: 9
H: 6

**Alex - **The range on the shoulder is not that great, has a lot of startup before its active frames, and can be crouched. I see this assist as simply good…not stellar. This is a much better special move than an assist.
C: 9
S: 8
P: 9
H: 7

**Souki - **This assist suffers from a lot of the things that plague Alex’s assist…except that its hitbox is huge.
C: 8
S: 6
P: 9
H: 9

**Saki - **See Alex…
C: 8
S: 6
P: 10
H: 8

I agree with kurasa’s list. It actually makes sense compared to the other lists i’ve seen.

Kurasa has the right idea.

Assist tier rankings for Tatsunoko vs. Capcom: Ultimate All-Stars :

I agree entirely with Kurasa’s tier list, except that Frank’s assist is so bad. It may not do damage, but it will interrupt pressure options. What’s worse that it not doing any damage is that it only work when Frank is facing the opponent.

Unlike MvC2 and TvC:CGoH, we should also acknowledge that all assists in TvC:UAS do NOT inflict chip damage what so ever.

frank assit range is everything that’s infront of him so it covert alot of space if you ask me, is almost useless as a combo extender but useful for taking away options from your oponent rather than creating them

rolls assist is up there, good vertical range, projectile so roll isn’t as vulnerable extended hit stun. leaves a puddle to keep you safe and help you control the screen and unblockables for everyone. its not top tier though due to its speed, but its got unique and strong features.

That seems like a niche assist to me though, hence my not listing her in my list. I definitely agree with what you are saying though. The thing is, I would only pair her with Soki, Alex, or Casshern as opposed to an assist like the ones that I listed in the A/B tiers…which I would pair (for the most part) with anyone happily.

I feel the same way about Doronjo’s assist. The range and duration of it is very deceptive and she jumps out just slightly behind you when she does the kiss, which keeps her kinda safe. It also provides hella hitstun and floats nicely…but I’ve found that she only helps out Chun, Ryu, Cashern, and Condor Joe without combo-finagling.

On the topic of Frank West’s assist, have you all been able to use it effectively? It seems that you have to over anticipate your opponents actions to use it defensively and very few characters actually want it as a combo extender due to its short hitstun.

I’ve found that Y-1 works pretty well with Roll assist. Y-1 can move fast enough to capitalize on almost any successful hit from the bucket, via projectile or slip. I’ve also played against a Ryu w/ Roll assist that worked fairly well, though I can’t describe how.

Those are two more characters which can utilize Roll’s assist, if anything.

Viewtiful Joe w/ Roll’s assist is godlike. Zone all day every day.

I find Roll’s assist to be very useful. I use it similar to a projectile assist since it helps extend combos. The difference is that with roll’s assist, it puts them in a stagger state so you either modify your combo just a bit or it opens up the possibility for new combos. Plus if the assist doesn’t make contact, it leaves a puddle on the floor which you can use to zone or do a high/low mixup if you can set it up. Aside from that, I agree with most of Kurasa’s list, except I think Soki and Saki’s assists aren’t that great, but everyone has different opinions

Yatterman 2 assist works wonders for Casshern lol I love it.
No needs for words [media=youtube]jf0pkIn8_PQ[/media]
It pokes them up just enough for a mixup.

Frank and Ken assists are almost exactly the same, neither one has any hitstun and both go fullscreen basically instantly.

ken assist isnt instant it take a long time for him to throw his boomerang in comparison to other proyectile assist

The fact that you rate Ryu and Morrigan’s assist as better than Megaman and Chun Li’s (numbers) yet rate MM and Chun above them (actual tier) shows your bias towards a certain assist type. Here is what I think is the top four in the game:

  1. Morrigan.
  2. Ryu.
  3. Tekkaman.
  4. Polimar.

I have Morrigan at number 1 because her assist is large and slow, takes up a lot of screen, is tied with Ryu for most versitile assist in the game. Seriously, her assist can create openings, be linked into combos, and be used as a defensive/runaway assist type. Because it is so large and slow, it can be frustrating to get around and most importantly, this assist can enhance every character in the game.

Ryu’s assist is exactly like Morrigan’s but is faster and slightly smaller. It has all the same options and is just about as good. There is no doubt it can contribute to every character in any case and just about any situation. To rank this assist below number two dumbfounds me.

Tekkaman is at number three. I can understand, you do not like thee assist so I am not going to argue with you over semantics and I will just go with the facts. Tekkaman’s assist is a great, forward moving assist that causes players to adjust timing of their IAD game. On top of that, it is a better anti-air assist than Chun Li and Megaman (seriously, who would say they want Chun Li’s assist over Tekkaman for anti-air? You?) and it opens far more offensive options than either Chun Li or Megaman’s assist. It can be called dry because of his positioning on screen and still be relatively safe. This assist is not as slow on start up as I think you make it out to be, and him being a meatbag means him being punished for it after is really not an issue (not that he gets punished very often anyway). It grabs and pulls characters towards your point character. It can be linked into combos with most characters and be used defensively. As with the top two characters, this assist can help enhance the threat of any point character in the game. Chun or MM have nothing on this assist.

Polimar is fourth for every reason you mentioned plus it cannot be push blocked. This assist is the best rushdown assist in the game.

I promised I would not get too far into your tier list because I think that you just started throwing names out in your second tier without really giving it too much thought. I am not saying your list is a complete joke by any means. I think both Chun and MM have great assists I am simply stating my belief that you overrate them. I am not going to get too rustled over the fact that I know you will disagree over Tekkaman (and my whole list. But seriously, do you even use Tekkaman to really know the threat his assist causes?). I will respect your opinion there and keep it pushing. And we pretty much agree about Polimar’s position so I am not going to even bother with you there.

Since you were thee only person to even compile a list, I have to give you much respect there. I may not agree with your assist list, but at least we both put in the time to develop a list.

-GhaudePhæde010 posting on Sæquo’s account.

Tekkaman assist isn’t as good as Chun’s for anti-air. It comes out way slow, only takes one hit to undo and travels a very specific angle. And I do think he becomes a bit of a meat bag if you don’t cover his ass. I say this as someone who main’s tekkaman. His assist is awesome but its certainly not as good as Chun’s for AA. I think its best as a combo extender or just to fuck with people during the match. It keeps them on their toes.

I didn’t rate Chun and Megaman above Ryu and Morrigan. I put them all in the same category as being boss assists. They were listed in no particular order. You’ll notice that I didn’t put numbers next to their names. This is a team based game so it is ludicrous to rank the assists in finite order from 1 to X. Obviously some assists are going to better with certain characters/strategies. My list is simply a grouping of assists as viewed in a vacuum.

And yes, Tekkaman has a decent assist, but I think that people overrate it tremendously due to the reasons that I listed above. Simply put, I have no problem just telegraphing a Tekkaman AA Lance and just blocking it or avoiding it. Most characters can just crouch it or just p. block the leading move and punish both your point man and Tekka. It is nigh impossible to do that with Chun’s assist as her assist is only beaten out if you called it late.

Here are a few more reasons that I rank her so highly. 1st, it hits multiple times which is an obvious bonus as you can use it to keep you safe after more moves and forces your opponent to block longer. 2nd, it starts up faster and recovers faster. 3rd, it keeps your opponent in front and your momentum moving forward which is a boon for any character that wants to keep you in the corner or move you there. Tekka assist often requires a backdash to combo from which takes away a lot of your advantage if you’ve already cornered the opponent and can also put you into the corner.

But that’s fine if you disagree. No beef on that at all. People are always going to have their pet chars. I’m just trying to call this straight down the middle with all things considered. And I actually do play Tekka. You can ask any of the dudes that visited the TvC room at Evo. I usually just Random Select every round in casuals and do very well regardless of the team that I get. The only chars that I actually don’t know how to play well are Ken and Megaman.

Also, what do you mean that you can’t push block Polimar’s assist? Two p. blocks will push him away. You just can’t mash ABC like you would Ryu’s Shinkuu. You have push block each hit on reaction.

I agree with Kurasa, people overrate Tekkaman’s assist. Sure its good to extend combos but you can’t use it to keep block strings safe. All the assist’s Kurasa has as top tier can keep just about any punishable move safe. This is coming from someone who used to main Tekkaman and felt that his assist was still lacking compared to other assists.