Assist Trophies: They prefer to be called "little people"

So yeah, which are the strongest? Personally, I get really pissed off whenever the Nintendog or Resetti show up, and I run around like a psycho avoiding the Custom Robo and Kat and Ana. I only today found out about the Advance Wars people (I saw them in demo videos way back, but I thought they got cut).

Tip for Mr. Wizard: I’m thinking that the new fastest way to unlock everything will be to play a few hundred 1-stock matches.

Lyn, if she hits you, is VERY strong. I think she’s an instant-KO, actually.

Nah, I think I’ve taken a hit from Lyn and lived.

Though I might’ve just dodged and gotten smacked by something else…

Lyn’s powerful, but not instant KO by any means. It depends on your percentage and character.

Lyn doesn’t hit that hard, but she’s very hard to dodge, especially when you have to focus on other things. Not that difficult to parry, though.

Doesn’t hit that hard? She KOed my G&W when I was only at 70%. Then again, he is made of paper:rofl:. I thought she would stay in the same area, but she moves around the stage as well looking for a hit. She’s like Marth’s FS you can dodge it, but if it hits you then GG.

Lyn is effing strong. It’s a shame Isaac only uses the Push Psynergy instead of any of the effload of special skills he could draw from his sword.

id love to see a tingle appear in tourney play and drop 10 hammers lol.

I have yet to see Gray Fox even though I’ve had him opened for awhile. Bet he’s sweet.

Little Mac is awesome.

Knuckle Joe doesnt play

if i pop him out of an assist trophy, first thing i do is go and try to grab my opponent. Little guy is Kenshiro, Jotaro and Ryu all in one.

And meanwhile, Waluigi masquerades as some one akin to Yamazaki (FF/KOF). Stomp, stomp, stomp!

Gay Fox hit me for about 200% on Pictochat where the slant rises from the bottom left of the screen to the upper right. I was Ganon and was trapped beneath it in the corner, seems inescapable.

Grey Fox isn’t that bad for me. He’s like a better Samurai Goroh.

Now fucking Shadow, his assist is bullshit. It’s basically Luigi’s FS with more range, allowing the other guy to beat the crap out of you while you move in slow-mo. Waluigi is serious too, motherfucker can take you out completely if he hits that last kick after the stomps.

Little Mac is fun. When you hear the “Bwap!” you know someone got KTFO.

All about Little Mac
he even stays on the screen for a while before he bounces away

Knuckle Joe is the man! He can rack up over 70% damage on his own!

Little Mac is pretty awesome ,too.