Assist Vulnerability


On what frames is CapCom vulnerable during his AAA, and on what frames after an assist is called can you tag the point character to make your opponent’s assist do nothing?

It seems really random for CapCom’s assist, because sometimes my poke usually through CapCom before he does his AAA, but I’ve hit him out of it before.


pointless to time. regular jump or over and shit


I forgot to mention that this is happening online. I haven’t played against a CapCom assist in years offline because I don’t have the time to go to the arcade anymore.


according to joo’s website, mando’s AA is 10 frames before its active. He is invincible for a small part of that 10 frames, personally i’d say its frames 1-4 where he’s invincible. Frames 5-9 should be frames where he’s vulnerable.


lol yeah, mando don’t make sense online…he is ultra buff with added speed and ambiguity


Basically, before and after the electricity lands.

Some characters can smack em’ before he even starts to say “ahsheckabel” or whatev (lol), and others cant. Of course, while hes standing there like he is from the YMCA gang, he’ll get eaten up.
Use the assist carefully though. People think just because it has anti-air protection, they can just throw it out all day. But depending on it too much, can lead to snap back deaths…