Assistance modding SFIV TE "Femme Fatale" Stick for Dual Console


I’m buying my first stick, and im really excited to learn to sue it. However, i’m a PS3 owner, and since I was flat out determined to have the Femme Fatale stick, I was only able to find a 360 version. In the end, this turned out to be okay, since modding a 360 stick is easier! However, i’ve never done this, and I need some assistance.

Im pretty sure of what im doing, but will you guys make sure this is correct? thanks!

-I need the first one listed (Chimp Board) But I don’t know: Should I get the Unassembled, the Assembled w/o the USB jack, or the Assembled WITH USB jack?

Second: With the Chimp board, is the Imp board also necessary?

Third: Can anyone provide me a detailed guide of how to install these things? >_>;

Thank you! ^^;


Assembled for not skilled and sodering and for someone (like me) who jsut doesnt have the time and the patients
non assembled for the skilled and someone whos good at sodering


Okay. But do I need the USB jack or not? :x What is that for?