Assistance needed in odd dual mod


Before you even ask why i’m doing this i’m going to stop you and just say, I don’t know…

OK anyways…so i’m currently attempting to dual mod a tvc se, and the pcb of my old hori ex2. I’ve been going at this for two days now and still its…off horribly

I’ve wired the hori pcb to the quick disconnect pcb for the buttons, and the joystick to the main pcb for the wii stick. Now the fun part

For some reason, the wii board (its turbo lights actually) will pick up the button presses, though the board doesn’t have power, and lb,x, and b act as lb. Now the fun part

for some reason when i hold down lt rb turns into y… I’m soo confused, this stick uses ps3 parts by default which adds more confusion…If anyone can tell me how to fix this let me know…I figured it’d be a fun mod but its eating away at my sanity… Scold all you want but if you can lend advice it would be appreciated.
For reference I couldn’t find a thread like this so its why I created it.



Golden rules violation.


Yesh. Red Card!


EX2 boards are not common ground, dude.

Throw the entirety of that god awful Hori stick away immediately. Even better - purge it from this world with fire.


No you cannot.

Buy a Madcatz Fightpad and use that PCB instead. There is no reason to bother trying to dual mod with a Hori EX2 PCB.

To give you an idea of how much of a nightmare it would be to make a EX2 PCB common ground, you would have to hack a circuit sort of like below together for every input, but the resistor values could be different.

In this case though it is the sixaxis PCB that isn’t common ground.


okie dokie thanks guys


I really wish I had talent. I’d whip up a cthulhu in a referee jersey with a red card image for Toodles.