Assistance on how to pop off the Pokken pad bezel?


Im going to customize my pokken pad. Id love to pop off the bezel but it doesnt look like an easy thing.
Can anyone offer advice that may have seem the attachment style this pad used to inlay the bezel?
Bezel im talking about:

inside the pad:


it could be fused or welded into place.


thinking I could try heating it up a bit to see if it will be more pliable but was hoping someone encountered something like this before during a mod


Not if the plastic has bonded into place. If the Plastic is cemented, fused, or welded into place you have to break those bonds.

If it’s just glued with a cheap adhesive you could loosen the glue with a hair dryer.

Ether way I can not tell by the photos alone. Maybe if you zoom into those bezel inlays more I can tell if they are welded or not.


Can I just ask what is the OP’s end goal?

Are you going to paint your Pokken controller?

There is a yellow variant coming out in a few months.