Assistance please

<font face=“Arial, Verdana” size=“2”><span style=“line-height: normal;”>Hello to all bison players i’m here to seek assistance from you guys. I’ve recently decided to pick up the dictator and loving him dust far ,now before you start raging about READ the forum i’ve done that already. I’m here to ask about your training regiments and some tips and tricks to better my game. Oh and how do i deal with close jump ins :frowning: . Thank you in advance .</span></font>

Snap. I don’t think I ever use Bison in training mode unless I’m trying to get used to a monitor lol. As for close jump ins, just block, or teleport if you think they don’t have a punish. His cr.hp would be useful if it wasn’t so damn slow.

The St Roundhouse hitbox can deal with close jumpins but (as is virtually always the case with Bison) you have to anticipate it.

As for training, combo practice after a hit confirmed Lk Scissors into FADC combos is my standard at the mo. Spacing is paramount playing Bison though and you can’t get a lot of that from training, you have to jump into matches.