Assisted Seppuku: The Yoshi Team Synergy Thread



Yoshi/Paul is a bad idea (2 characters that can’t deal with strong runaway)
Ogre is a very very good idea, but he’s slightly unorthodox and may take getting used to.


Edit: Going to experiment more with Yoshi/Ogre, I was having trouble doing good damage for some reason, I’d imagine once I learn both characters well enough that will change.


I’m planning on working towards the Dudley/Yoshimitsu pair. But how can I close the gap against heavy zoners without meter? Just use Ducking to keep getting in or teleport mixups with Yoshi?


Team Heavy Execution let’s go.


Thinking of picking up Yoshi and trying to find an appropriate partner. I was thinking Bryan as Bryan can bypass projectiles with his flying knee while Yoshi makes up for the mix up that Bryan lacks. Thoughts?


I don’t know enough about Bryan sorry. But does he need a lot of meter? And doesn’t he have a comboable overhead?<br><br>Honestly I think Yoshimitsu can work with pretty much anyone, it’s just that a few characters (mixup and grapplers) work a bit better with him. But it all depends on how you play the characters together.<br><br><br>


working on a Yoshi/Lei Team, I can sometimes nail Yoshi’s Jump RH on Lei’s DP but its really tough timing, interesting team though.


Haha how does Lei work? I swear that character confuses the hell out of me. Makes me want to play him! How is the team working out?