Assists, Cross-Ups, Unblockables and the Likes

So I’ve been experimenting by trying to create weird, “Marvel Type” ground/arial cross ups and there’s a few things I’ve ran into that I can’t realy figure out on my own. Got a few questions to ask, feel free to do the same.

So, during an arial rave, or even normal air combo for that matter, there’s a point where if you leave the opponent without knocking down, they’ll flip over and come down and land on their feet. What sort of options/properties do they have at that point? At what point can they attack again in the air? Do they have any invincibility as they flip over?

Some stuff I’m working on involves assists and being on the opposite side of the opponent. I’m guessing that calling an assist, jumping over and attacking wont cause an unblockable, as these kinds of games have steered away from 3S type unblockables for a while (AFAICR).

But how would that work for cross up situations? Example, what would happen if you called an assist, jump over to the other side, but didn’t attack? What side of guard would the assist take? Would his attacking side remain the way he’s facing, or would it change the side of guard to the side you jumped over to? This game is very weird with the way the characters only turn around as something touches the ground, understanding the position of guards at every exact moment is pretty difficult with only one controler.

A lot of this is very confusing, hope someone can provide some good answers.

i was experimenting with ‘cross-under’ resets, and it seems as though even if you set the CPU to block, it will just randomly not block them. but testing with humans it seems as though you just have to block the other way (depending on how you time it)

simple example: do some combo into chun assist. dash under with and try to hit with a launcher that crosses them up as they land (input as 1C instead of the usual 3C). useless example, but it shows that using the cpu to test is somewhat unreliable. (also shows that i’m pretty bored)

Yeah man. Record mode is always appreciated by me as I can actually do these combos and try to block, counter or whatever my self…

But yeah, I’m working on some stuff that if turns out good in the end, could be pretty effective. However it relies on whether these factors a good enough or not so people can get away with it…

when your opponent recovers in the air they don’t have any double jumps or airdashes left

IIRC you block the direction wherever your opponent is, the assist means absolutely nothing block direction wise. so if an assist comes out and the opponent IAD’s over you, you need to block the opposite direction of the incoming assist and you should block it.

Yeah I’m pretty sure j1n’s right, you just block whichever way the point character is, doesn’t matter where the assist/projectile comes from.

EDIT: Although maybe sometimes it’ll randomly make you do it backwards, right?

When characters recover in air, they are completely open to throws, whether it be polymar’s super or just jump up grab.

You can also repeatedly uppercut at them with some characters (COUGH KARAS) and it’ll keep hitting them until they man up and start blocking instead of trying to attack. It’s risk free too.

This kind of shit with certain characters also has a tendency to cross up like a big jerk, so it’ll catch people off guard who are trying to block too…lol

Thanks for the input people… Yeah, I’ve been working on some mix-ups with Ken and it all relies on this kind of stuff, so it’s pretty hit and miss right now. But to tell you a little about it, his j.C has a silly hit box and in some situations, will cross up the oppoent in the air mid arial rave. I worked on a set up with Ken/Casshern that from what I can tell, either leads to guaranteed knockdown or if blocked, silly cross up situations.

8~A+B+C~C > 2B > 5C > 2C (2 hit) > A+P (BRQ) > 9~A > B > 623A > P~C

Or P+C or C~P etc for different effects

After the 623A Ken will cross to the other side, however his j.C will still hit the opponent. From what I can tell, this is actually a cross up, even though the characters remain in their primary positions and Ken’s attack hits from behind. When I use auto guard, the dummy guards from the front, but with advanced guard it actually guards backwards so I’m certain it is a cross up.

Now, if they eat the cross-up, the j.C will hit and when you call Casshern, he will OTG them for what I presume is a guarenteed knockdown (I can’t tell, dummy can’t roll towards you)? However if they block, it’s possible to do things like 4A or 4~2B which will put you back on the side you origionally came from in a sort of “one way and almost imediately after, the other way” situation. What’s also interesting is that you can do sort of, semi-option-select things on the j.C. If they block it, you can cancel to specials/supers (even Baroque if you set it up off of an assist), but if it hits you get nothing and Casshern OTG.

Like I say though this is all hit and miss. I have no way to play other people and the training mode/CPU, while semi decent, sucks, so getting a full grasp of what can go on is hard. Whether this kind of mix-up is worth it, I don’t know. But I’ll just leave this as food for thought, I’ve been trying to create tricky stuff like this for a while and found it pretty interesting. I’ll probably just copy and paste this in the Ken section…