Assists not coming out

I’ve been having an ongoing issue with assists not coming out during a combo when I press the input and I see it register on screen but the assist doesnt come out. For example during a dante combo: s.S, s.H clay pigeons, s.S Prop shredder, hammer, beehive, whatever… I’ll try inputting an assist command before I do beehive, I see the input register on the screen but no assist comes out. It happens various times, I’ll even try hitting the assist repeatedly and see it register on the screen but nothing happens.

u cant call an assist while doing a special move like volcano prop shredder hadouken tastu etc

Also worth noting is that you can’t call an assist while super jumping. This might be the issue here, but I don’t really play Dante.

Prop Shredder doesnt count as a special move IIRC. Either that or you can call assists during the style change from Up Shots/Cold Shower to Prop

Nobody’s launcher counts as special move, unless they have a special move/super that launches.

To the OP: You’re probably inputting the assist call too soon(like when you’re still falling out of SJ height), try slowing down a bit.

Prop isnt a launcher though, not exactly. Idk what it’s counted as but it can only be canceled into after gunshots plus it has more hitstun than his launcher which is why you can connect Hammer after it.

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It’s a launcher, it pops them up in the air, and j.:s: after prop shredder causes the flying screen. Hell, if you do (hard knockdown) cold shower, prop shredder hammer , cold shower xx stinger lvl2 BC j.S then you still get the flying screen sound.

Prop shredder is like Chun-Li’s Hoyokusen, you get more initial hitstun off your launch, but it also decays hitstun more rapidly in general.