Assists or Strikers in Mvc3

My #1 wish for this game is to have some sort of limited assists/helpers similar to what we got in MvC1. I always felt that in MvC2, the use of unlimited assists made the game less fun. Half the people I encountered in MvC2 spammed their assists, and most of the time, I just felt that I was fighting their helpers and not them. That is why I still love and prefer MvC1 to this day, with its limisted assist system, people had to strategize on when and how to use them. If they ran out of assists, thats when the fun would begin, because it forced opponents to use their real skills to fight. These are supposed to be fighting games, not run away from your opponent and calling for help all the time.

MvC3 should have a similar system that was used in the first MvC capcom, either by choosing a side character that doesnt fight but helps out on when u call for him, or have a striker system similar to what was used in the KoF series where we chose 4 characters, but only use the last character as an assist, with limited attacks of course. I would personally go for the KoF striker system as that would eliminate the use of of unlimited helpers. Any thoughts

i rhought they already confirmed the 3on3 system like mvc2?

Mags with 4 psy assists would still own most of the cast. You might want to give a lil more thought to your theory sir…

We have a suggestion thread for this.