Assists to extend Zero's Double Launcher Combo

I’m looking for characters that have the capability to pop the opponent back up into the air after a Air.S, The only one i KNOW for a fact is Vergil.

Inserted at the end of a combo post OTG) Buster Cancelxx L.Raikousen, Assist, S, sj.S, Assist knocks them back up, Air S coming back down, Rekkouha.

Anyone besides Vergil able to do this?
I’m looking to expand my options beyond Zero/Vergil at this point, and I’ve already got Doom for the Steb Ender.

Im sure the team building thread ie ask a question thread is made for this.

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I think dante’s jam session allows you to do two relaunches.


dude, ive been working on using super skrulls orbital grudge like that but im still working with it… also ^ jesus everyone does the same stuff with zero/dante… you guys need to do something original

There’s only so many ways you can combo with Zero/Dante and we already know the optimized stuff. I’ll stick with being unoriginal.

You realize all the Zero/Dante tech originated here right? So once you come up with something original like these guys did, feel free to share.

I hate when people say this… original != better.

You can get 2 Air S off with Nova Grav pulse assist

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Here’s a combo that don’t use any dante assist


Iron Fist’s Rising Fang seems to work.