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I don’t think it’s ever been canon that it was Bison. In fact, at this point it doesn’t even seem like it’s a guarantee that he’s dead


@YagamiFire :

The only thing I disagree with you with Bison being the one who kills dorai. I’m pretty confident that it’s canon. It’s revealed in the SF Alpha 1 ending

So regardless how much of a fight he put up, or regardless who in Shadaloo he fought against, it seems pretty clear that Bison is the one who delivered the killing blow.

Another thing It’s funny, when it comes to video game deaths, I always adhere to the belief that “if there is no body of proof, then death is always suspect.”

You do have a valid point that we don’t know 100% fact that Dorai is actually dead. Only “proof” we have just seems to be accepted proof. From the beginning, Chun-Li has always gone after Shadaloo to avenge her father’s death. And this has just been her motivation since she started appearing in SF. But despite M. Bison, Vega, and even Chun-Li referring Dorai as being dead, I think it would be more concrete to see the actual scene where Dorai gets killed.

Now granted, it’s Street Fighter, i doubt that Capcom would have the balls to recreate something as significant as this because it’s just way too dark and gruesome. But it would be nice to see what actually happens.


Is that translation the same as in the Japanese? Not challenging, just genuinely don’t remember…

Also, I suggest we should be brave and just collectively do a post SF4 Shadaloo/Illuminati story-arc. Screw what’s in SF5. As if anyone cares anyway lol. Besides, if we want to do something better than Udon/Capcom, might as well start by tackling something they’re doing so a valid comparison can be made.


So I’m bouncing around ideas for Balrog


-His real name is Mike Bison, but he goes by Balrog to avoid being recognized for who he was
-Dudley beats Balrog in the SIN tournament, leading him to question if he’s lost his touch as a boxer
-Balrog gives Ed his name because he thinks “08” is a stupid name
-Balrog grew up in poverty somewhere around Alabama/Georgia. His father, a legendary boxer, taught him to box. He originally entered the SF1 tournament to get enough money to pay for his sister’s medical bills, but she died since Balrog couldn’t come up with the money. Guilt-ridden and down on his luck, he joins Shadowloo.
-Ed’s Psycho Power can react to negative emotions such as pain and fear. Balrog, realizing this, teaches Ed to box as brutally as him.



I don’t like the Mike Bison thing. That is SUPER confusing. Now…Michael Balrog? Okay. Him having the same M. Bison set-up as his boss Dictator would just be bizarre.

I love Balrog losing to Dudley. Makes a lot of sense. I would think Dudley would absolutely dismantle Balrog. For all his strength and speed, Dudley is faster and has WAY more technique. The fight should be a vivisection that really hi-lights just how much of a step Balrog has lost.

It’d be awesome if Ed is named after Balrog’s trainer or dad

Dunno if I like the pathos for Balrog. It’s too…woobie. Some bad guys are just bad guys. Doesn’t mean he can’t be a bit sympathetic but going too far makes Balrog too “dawwww” for trying his best. “Poor black Alabama child” is also kind of cliche. If his dad was a solid boxer that then ran a gym/training camp, Balrog might have actually grown up pretty comfortably…but in the shadow of his dad while also enjoying the perks of being the “coach’s son”. Maybe his dad tried to softball opponents to him and Balrog went out and started bare-knuckle boxing to really show what he could do. Balrog’s proclivity for brutality could contrast with his dad’s lighter more technical style…like if Ali’s son was Tyson. The wedge was driven and Balrog basically flipped his family the bird and broke into the sport, enjoying the lavish lifestyle his talents provided him while remembering none of the lessons of sportsmanship and basic morality his dad imparted. Bad business decisions, indulgent managers and breaking the rules eventually leave him as a violent, unemployed fighter that is permanently banned. Refusing to turn back to his family for help (maybe it’s even outright offered but that just pisses Balrog off more) he turns to crime as an enforcer…picks up a knack for criminality and then falls in with Shadaloo.

The Psycho Power tie in makes perfect sense. It also would feed back into his “power over finesse” attitude…showing he hasn’t learned much from his loss to Dudley (not learning from mistakes being a running theme for Balrog, after all).


I went with Mike Bison because
-Resembles Mike Tyson, which was Capcom’s original intent for the character
-Supports him being Mike from SF1, which shows us how he was before Shadowloo
-Better reason for changing to Balrog: He was in trouble with the IRS because of his criminal activity, so he traded names with Dictator as an out.

I’m a bit biased because I really liked the short film “Balrog: Behind the Glory” (link), and wanted to build off of that. The whole “poor black boy” thing doesn’t redeem him. He originally sought out money so he could afford his sister’s operation, but the guilt from not being able to save her drives him into being a greedy sociopath. He’s apathetic to everyone he hurts, only caring for the accumulation of wealth that will never fill the void in his life.


As long as he’s an amoral scumbag. :smile:

Trading names with Dictator though…while funny in Balrog: Behind the Glory (which I love) is REALLY goofy lol


How about “Mike Balrog”? Still similar, but uses his US name.


Probably the best approach :smile:


I’m loving what you guys are proposing for 'Rog, and yeah, Behind the Glory was brilliant. I wanted some of that rolled into canon, they way Capcom is know to do with things like the Evil Ryu stuff in the manga. Man, the guy who played Mike’s dad was brilliant. I always choked up at the end when he brings up the origin of “I got paid”


So perhaps maybe we could create a story outline for major events post SF4 to create a story-arc?


Sure. Where to start, though? USF4 had 44 characters, so it can be hard to decide who needs to be tracked.


Well, it’s just an outline. No need to write the whole story for every character. Like I’m sure we can discard El Fuerte, Hakan, Hugo, Poison, and most of the “jobber” characters.

But as a suggestion, maybe instead of following characters, follow stories. like for instance, remember that SF Visionary book that had that chart of every character and their relationship to others and to the story? Think of something like that.

Satsui no Hado




Post USFIV World Warrior Tournaments



Yes, if we get a general idea for the direction we want the story/setting to go in a lot of the character roles will fall into place for us


I read the rule of no crossovers, but this one springboards right into Street Fighter VI.


That makes me want to murder every living thing around me.


Tormo will cleanse the evil from you.


He tends to do that. Seriously, did you have to make a wiki entry for that garbage…


just5, you cool with me pitching some arc ideas to ya?


Go ahead. I need a palate cleanser now.