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Okay a basic pitch for major stuff…

This would be prologue level stuff…

Akuma seeks out post-Gouken-sealing Ryu. Ryu has actively been training not with Gouken…not with Ken…but with Sakura. Why? Sakura fights for enjoyment. Ryu needs to find Ken’s sort of spirit and fight for fun. Sakura is never the kind of opponent Ryu would want to defeat at all costs but simultaneously can be a genuine threat to him that he needs to take seriously. This training has allowed Ryu, much to Akuma’s chagrin upon discovery, to totally reject SnH and fully develop a Mu-based chi-harnessing technique…that also has hints of something else. A sort of stillness that touches the world…not void…something more?

Akuma tests Ryu. Shun Goku Satsu. Ryu defends. Akuma…LAUGHS. Good. The SGS was weak and based on the fears of weak martial artists that thought it was the fiercest thing ever. He’s already moved beyond it…and he’s creating more and deadlier arts. The next time they meet, now that Ryu has finally become more than just a pup, Akuma intends to kill him. Maybe Akuma shows something off. The clash between Ryu & Akuma, momentary was it was, along with Akuma’s surge of killing intent from knowing Ryu is now worthy is felt a world away…by Oro.

General story direction stuff…

Ryu and Akuma is off in the horizon. Not happening now. No one really cares anyway. Akuma is off the table. SnH is dealt with. Ryu can actually do some interesting stuff.


I think we should list what universe connect to Street Fighter so it can be easier to see which characters can be inserted into a story.

SFU = Street Fighter, Final Fight, Rival Schools & Saturday Night Slam Masters.

Would this be correct?


People debate Rival Schools because the Sakura who appeared there had some inconsistencies, and the series has never been referenced in Street Fighter. I will add that, since it is heavily implied to take place in a futuristic Metro City, Captain Commando is a distant part of the SFU.


I remember reading somewhere that the creator of Rival Schools wanted to keep Rival Schools and Street Fighter distinct and out of each others timelines. To this day I think they respect his wishes, and even go as far as to keep his character designs original. They had planned to have a soccer player Brazilian fighter for SFV, but they cut the design as the concept reminded them too much of Robert Miura from Rival Schools.


Hey guys! I know I’ve been a bit light on the actual content delivery so far, so here’s about 2.5 pages (MS Word, Calibri, 11 point) of my post-SF4 Balrog story, starting right where his ending left off.


Mike Balrog trudged through the night, the burning ruins of SIN behind him. Balrog carried a boy with one arm, as if he were a bag of money. To Balrog, the boy whose hand had glowed with the mark of Shadowloo was nothing more than that: a bag of money.
Balrog was originally assigned to guard the SIN base on Shadowloo’s behalf. The job paid well, but was pretty boring, as the lab was in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. At least, it was boring until that karate idiot blew out something in the control room, causing the entire base to self-destruct. In a panic, Balrog ran to the lab and tried to find anything of value, but mostly found folders of meaningless papers. He almost left the kid, too, had he not started glowing in the lab. If Bison paid him so much to guard the Incubators, Balrog reasoned, he will pay a pretty price for the kid.
“Hey kid, can you walk?” Balrog asked, growing bored of carrying the boy.
Balrog dropped the boy on the ground nonchalantly, making no effort to set him down like anything more than luggage.
“I’ll let you walk,” Balrog warned, “but don’t try any funny business. Shadowloo has pretty good doctors I hear; I doubt Bison will mind if I break your legs.”
The boy was silent. The two walked over the island’s rocky terrain, the sound of the SIN facility burning only a faint crackling in the distance.
“What’s your name, kid?”
“Name? The researchers only ever called me number eight.”
“Eight? That sounds like a stupid-ass name. I’ll just call ya Ed. Short, simple, and to the point.”
“Th-thank you.”
“Name’s Balrog. So, what exactly are you? The other incubators were full-grown men, but you’re just a kid.”
“I-I’m not sure. I was only ever awake for lab tests, before now.”
“Well, what was that shit you did back at the lab, when your hand started glowing? That looked like Lord Bison’s Psycho Power.”
“Psycho Power … I think I remember them mentioning that.”
“Well, at least ya LOOK human. Those dolls back at the base gave me the creeps. I’m glad they’re all dead now.”
Balrog reached into a pocket and pulled out a phone, fumbling with the device because he had boxing gloves on. “Yeah, this is Balrog. I got some kid outta the lab; he seems like one of his replacement bodies. Okay, don’t be late.”
“Lord Balrog-“
“Just call me Mike. This whole ‘Balrog’ thing is getting kind of old.”
“M-mike? Who’s coming?”
“A Shadowloo evac chopper. Looks like we’ll have to ride with that fairy prick Vega, though.”
Soon, a black helicopter approached. When it drew near Balrog, a ladder was released.
“Get on my back, Ed. I can’t have you falling off and dying on me.”
Ed wrapped his arms around Balrog’s massive, muscular neck. Balrog climbed up the ladder, then deposited Ed on a bench.
“Ah, I’m so glad you could make it, Balrog,” a voice drawled from the opposite bench. The source was a man clad in tight purple-and-yellow pants, with a white mask on his face and a massive claw on his hand.
“To be honest, I was wondering if you got lost. Bulls don’t do well under pressure,” the man giggled.
“Yeah, fuck you too Vega. Did you get the data?”
Vega drew a flash drive from his pocket.
“Tell me, was he all you could find, Balrog? Or was the ‘Dirty Bull’ not feeling up to being a pack mule today?”
Balrog and Vega glared at each other intensely. Their mutual hate for one another was thick enough to cut with the claw on Vega’s hand. As they seethed with hatred, Ed gasped suddenly and raised his hands. They had resumed glowing with the symbol of Shadowloo.
“Hideous, the both of you,” Vega muttered.
Only Ed seemed to react to his hands glowing. ‘Why was this happening?’ he thought. Everything was all happening so fast in his eyes. His whole life, he had been an experiment, a number, and an object. Now he was escaping with two seemingly important people from the only world he had ever known. Before this, Ed had never heard of these people beyond the researchers mentioning a “Lord Bison”. Did those researchers, who had experimented upon him for as long as he could remember, lie dead in the ashes of the laboratory? Had he survived where his captors did not? Was what lie ahead better than death? Ed was silent during the long helicopter ride, lost in a world of his own introspection.

Shadowloo Aircraft Carrier, several dozen miles from the SIN Laboratory

Balrog, Vega, and Ed exited the helicopter. Someone in a yellow Shadowloo uniform stepped forward.
“Lords Vega and Balrog, it is an honor to see you both alive and well. Where shall we take the Incubator?”
“Keep him in protected storage,” Vega replied curtly, “until Lord Bison orders otherwise.”
At this, two soldiers escorted Ed from the heliport. As he walked away, Ed looked back briefly at Balrog. Balrog didn’t notice this, and walked with Vega to the ship’s meeting room. When they arrived, they found Lord Bison sitting in a throne at the head of the table, with empty seats at his right and left normally reserved for the Four Kings.
“Ah, Vega and Balrog,” Bison replied with his usual baritoned emotionless grandeur, reminiscent of a sociopath acting with a mask of emotion,” how excellent of you to arrive. Please sit down, we have business to discuss.”
As Vega and Balrog took their seats in the lavish meeting room, one high ranking operative spoke up.
“To start off our meeting, here is our report on the SIN breakdown from earlier today.” He handed out several folders for everyone at the table, about a dozen in total counting Bison, Vega, and Balrog, to examine. Balrog took a copy and skimmed over it. It seemed to be a bunch of numbers regarding data and logistics, none of which interested Balrog. He skipped to a section titled “Confirmed Casualties, Damages, and Survivors”. Seemingly, the only deaths in the entire incident were a bunch of SIN researchers and the Human Incubators, with a side note beside unit 15 noting the destruction of his Tanden Engine augmentation. This brought a faint smile to Balrog’s face, as he had wanted to punch that stupid-looking ball out of his abdomen for months. Apparently, it had been broken beyond repair by a Juri Han. At the mention of Juri, Bison’s expression changed to a smirk.
“Ah,” Bison mused, “I encountered her whilst dealing with 15. She is no threat to us.”
The operative droned on. Balrog didn’t particularly care enough to listen, as anything of value would be given to him for his next mission. Apparently, Rose was taken from Bison’s custody by “Guy”, a practitioner of the Bushinryu School of ninjutsu. Chun-Li, William Guile, and subject “Abel” had escaped together with a copy of SIN’s data. BLECE had been destroyed by a “Ryu”. One of Bison’s 12 Dolls, Decapre, had been recovered. An armed group led by one Rolento F. Schugerg descended upon the facility shortly after the tournament, but had likely not found anything of value in the wreckage. Satisfied with this post-report of the incident, Bison dismissed everyone except Balrog and Vega.
When the three of them alone remained in the room, Bison looked over them both.
“Vega,” he asked, “did you recover the data as I asked?”
In response, Vega drew a flash drive from his pocket and set it upon the table.
“Taken directly from the laboratory’s master terminal, my Lord.”
“Excellent,” Bsion replied, then turned to Balrog, “Balrog, what did you recover from the facility?”
“I found some kid who seems to have your powers, Lord Bison. He was in the lab and said something about being a ‘Subject 8’.”
Bison considered this for a moment. “What an excellent turn of events; I had feared none of my replacement bodies would survive the facility’s destruction. Thank you very much, Balrog.”
“What will we do about Subject 8, milord? Shall we return him to stasis?” Vega asked, trying to hide his frustration at Bison congratulating Balrog’s luck more than his accomplishments.
“No. He has been removed from stasis for too long, and cannot be restored now. Left to live and think for too long, Incubators begin to develop their own thoughts and ideals, as I learned from 15’s short life. He must be cared for him full-time now, so that he will be ready to inherit my will should this form perish. Balrog, you will guard and watch over him.”
Balrog looked at Lord Bison in mild disbelief. He knew better than to question Bison, but was still surprised as to this sudden change from enforcer to babysitter.
“As compensation, you will be salaried for the entire duration you are watching over him. In addition, you will be paid at thrice your normal rate. Do you accept, Balrog?”
Balrog thought about this offer. Bison was going to give him a hell of a lot of money for watching this strange kid. How could he refuse?
“I accept your offer, Lord Bison.”
“Excellent. You two may return to your quarters now. Our jets will fly you to your preferred base in the morning.”
Bison turned and left, his black cape whipping behind him. Vega looked at Balrog briefly, the jealousy and hate from Bison’s recognition of Balrog over himself burning in the eyes of the masked matador. He too, after his glare, turned and exited the room. Balrog, secretly enjoying the utter frustration in Vega’s eyes at the Spaniard’s fragile ego being snubbed, left the room after them with a smirk and headed toward his quarters.

Formatting may be a tad rough, so feel free to make suggestions to the writing and structure; this is still very much subject to change.


Boy, I feel so inspired lately! Writing Balrog and Ed is pretty fun.


Aircraft Carrier, Balrog’s Quarters
Balrog, partially undressed, looked into the bathroom mirror of his chamber. He examined his face: the bruises, the cuts, and the scars. Each one told the story of a fight. A faded horizontal scar ran above his left eyebrow; a reminder of the bullies who picked on him growing up. Another mark lie upon the upper right corner of his head; the day he headbutted an opponent on national television, ultimately killing him. A bruise on the side of his head that was mostly covered by his close-cut hair; his encounter with Chun-Li several weeks ago, where she tried and failed to arrest him. A cut along his jaw, the most recent injury; a devastating loss to a fellow boxer several days prior…
Balrog was relaxing in his corner of the ring; several competitors from the SIN tournament had challenged him, and all of them had fallen before his fists. The fights almost brought a sense of nostalgia to the boxer’s heart; memories of a time when people revered him as a champion. Money changed hands as gamblers tried their hands at predicting the winner. The crowd around the ring parted as his next challenger arrived. He was a large, well-built man with a dark curled moustache and green suspenders. His gloves were blue, and his elderly butler followed him up to and along the ring. Balrog remembered that this man was in fact the English Heavyweight Boxing Champion, though his dandy mannerisms seemed unfitting for a boxer to Balrog.
“Hey,” Balrog joked to the crowd, “are you telling me this wimp is supposed to be the British Champ? You gotta be kiddn’!”
“Wimp?” the Englishman replied, “Your rudeness really does know no bounds, does it ‘Dirty Bull’?”
“Wait, you know me?”
“I know who you were, Michael Balrog. You were the premier Heavyweight Boxer and a sensation in the fighting world. You were an icon and a celebrity. You were given a lifetime ban from the boxing circuit, and have not been heard from since, aside from rumors of your involvement in Shadowloo.”
“Why you damn dirty-“Balrog muttered, rising from his stool.
“Growing up, you were one of my heroes, Michael. I wanted to become a champion boxer too, with my name alongside yours in history. Now you are a shadow of that man, and have lived up to your mythical namesake. You disgust me.”
Balrog, enraged at the gall of this man to waltz into the ring and call him out like that, lunged at him with a brutish punch, the likes of which had felled an elephant. His opponent did a turn to avoid the punch, then counterattacked with a fast and hard straight, knocking Balrog back.
“Dudley, was it? I don’t give a damn who you are, I’m gonna knock that stupid joke you call a moustache off your face!”
Balrog advanced back into position. He began to pepper Dudley with jabs, hoping to catch him off-guard. Dudley blocked them flawlessly, then ducked Balrog’s right hook to deliver an uppercut to his chin, knocking the former American Champion on his back.
Balrog rose again. His head was fuzzy, and Dudley’s uppercut had broken the skin of his jaw. While Balrog assumed a defensive position as he attempted to regain his bearings, Dudley elegantly stepped toward him with a speed and grace unlike which Balrog had ever encountered from a heavyweight boxer. Dudley took advantage of Balrog’s caution to clinch him and deliver several quick punches to the stomach. Dudley followed this attack with a left hook as soon as Balrog staggered backward and dropped his guard. Once more, Balrog was knocked on his back. Once more, Balrog slowly rose from the ground, the taste of blood strong in his mouth.
In a panic, Balrog attempted to grab Dudley’s head in order to perform a powerful headbutt. Anticipating this, Dudley leaned back to avoid Balrog’s grab. Dudley then punched the exposed Balrog with a corkscrew blow, unbalancing him. Dudley rushed up to his disoriented opponent.
“This is the end,” Dudley said coldly as he delivered a massive straight to Balrog’s face, knocking him to the ground a third and final time.
As Balrog was too weak to rise, the referee declared Dudley the winner. As Dudley’s butler climbed into the ring with a tea tray, Dudley looked back down at Balrog.
“Gutter trash,” Dudley said, “You had everything. Money, Fame, Power; you squandered all of it with your greed and brutality. I did not win this fight because I’m stronger than you; I won because I’m better than you.”
Better than you. Those three words haunted Balrog, even as he now stood in front of the mirror. He grew up poor. His parents made sacrifices so he would be able to go to school and learn boxing. All his life, Balrog had been surrounded by people who thought they were better than him, and he tried his hardest to prove himself. He became stronger so he could stand toe-to-toe with the bigger kids who bullied him. He became wealthier to impress the snobs who turned their noses up at him.
“Fuck them; I got paid.”
Balrog clenched a massive fist. He popped some pain pills to help him ignore his injury. As an added bonus, they also cleared his mind, which put him at ease. He lumbered to his bed and laid down, immersing himself in vapid fantasies as to how he would spend the money Bison would soon be paying him. 
Aircraft Carrier, Maximum-Security Storage
Ed found himself in a large throne room. He must have been dreaming, as he quite clearly remembered going to sleep. He turned and looked around the room. Shadowloo soldiers stood at attention to the throne at the head of the room. When Ed looked to the throne, he saw an imposing man in a red military uniform.
“Come forward, child,” the man said without emotion. Ed approached the throne. Who was this person? Ed had never seen anyone like him; his very presence emanated power.
“Do you know why you exist, Subject 8?”
Ed pondered this question. Why was he alive? He was created in a lab, so he must have some kind of purpose. It had to have something to do with the glowing energy that Ed expressed in the lab and on the helicopter. Mike had mentioned something about a replacement body for “Lord Bison” and “Psycho Power”.
“Ah, you are observant,” the man mused as if he were reading Ed’s thoughts, “but ignorant nonetheless. Your body, uniquely fabricated in the most advanced laboratories the world has ever known, is attuned to an energy called Psycho Power. It is the foundation of my strength and being. By being so receptive to this energy, you will be the perfect host for my immortal will in the event my current form dies or degrades beyond usability.”
“L-Lord Bison, what is ‘Psycho Power’?” Ed asked, the name seemingly working its way into his subconscious through an external force.
“Psycho Power is the energy of evil. The hate of a man consumed with violence and revenge, the fear of the weak before overwhelming superiority, the sadness caused by death and chaos; all are examples of Psycho Power, Subject 8. Avoid not the depravity of the world. Embrace it, and hold it close to your heart so that the hopeless despair of nightmares and darkness guides your hand. If I am to gain the fullest effect of Psycho Power whilst possessing your body, you must train and master the art so that unrelenting power flows from you like blood from a deep wound.”
“What will happen to me when you take my body?”
Lord Bison’s expression hardened. “I do not know, nor do I truly care. Your life, your soul, are meaningless to me. I am quite disappointed that Balrog gave you a name, as you are slowly beginning to develop a mind of your own. If you wish to avoid the same fate as 15, let me end this vision with a warning: You are nothing more than a tool to me, Subject 8. If you cease to be useful to me, I will give you the painful death expected of those who dare defy me.”
Ed awoke with a gasp. He was alone in the minimalist cell. Was this man the very same Lord Bison the researchers mentioned? How did he speak to Ed in his dream, and practically control the entire experience? Ed looked to his hands. Psycho Power … the energy of evil … it seemed like so much. If anything could be said about Lord Bison, he was certainly not one to make empty threats. Ed’s goal in life was clear: He would master Psycho Power. In doing so, perhaps he would find the answers and meaning to his own existence.


Nice stuff, man.

Also an idea… (putting this in spoilers if anyone reading this doesn’t want to spoil themselves of potential ideas)


It seems a tad unusual for Bison to keep the boy alive…but what if Bison is doing it because of his suspicions concerning the Illuminati and has plans to use Ed to try and ferret them out? Perhaps he suspects the society has spies inside SIN or something similar. Makes Bison a good magnificent bastard


Yeah, I did think of that. “Why would Bison keep him alive, ESPECIALLY after what happened with Seth?” The way I see it, Bison realizes one way to avoid having Ed rebel; make him at home in Shadowloo. After all, why would he rebel from all he knows? Bison even notes that plan A was to put him back in stasis, but reasons that putting him back in after being out this long would be a bad idea, which admittedly was an ass-pull on my part.
It also hit me that Ed, unlike Seth, actually uses Psycho Power. If he is going to be Bison’s backup body, he has to be very attuned to Psycho Power. This is why Bison prompts him to develop and practice Psycho Power: to flex his “Psycho Muscles”, as this theory will be called. If Ed keeps at it, he will be in great shape and poised to be the undisputed master of Psycho Power after Bison dies, which is exactly what Bison wants in a replacement body. And should Bison NOT die, he gets a pretty damn strong henchman out of it, so Bison’s efforts are more than a simple insurance policy.
I’m also considering Balrog getting a mission later to track down Rose, since Guy takes her after SSF4. This would take him to Metro City and give Ed exposure to an alternative, which he ultimately rejects.


So I had some more ideas of cool things to write:
-Sean’s quest to be noticed by Ken. After Laura leaves, he heads out to search for her and test out the moves he learned by watching Ken.
-In between SF4 and SFV, Viper turns her attention the CIA’s second biggest target after Shadowloo: Q


Viper going after Q is awesome. I really enjoyed writing Q against Dee Jay…he’s fun for fight scenes.


I also love Balrog: Behind the Glory and also agree that outside of it, the whole trading names is really goofy (to apply to canon anyways). For starters, I don’t believe for a second that Dictator would go along with such an idea; but it’s fun within the context of B:BTG.

Also, I have a minor nitpick in how they handled the name swap in B:BTG, when Boxer is re-assingning the names in the pocker table, he tells Dictator “You will be Mike Bison”, that is wrong because for the US names the “M” does not officialy stand for Mike, so he should’ve said something like “You will be called M. Bison, not Mike, just M. Bison”, silly complain I know but whatcha gonna do :stuck_out_tongue: .