Asterix? Yah or nay?

Hey Comic Book Fans,

I’ve been pondering the Asterix question: should I give it a try? I’m a huge fan of Gaiman, Moore, and Sim, and I’m wondering if Asterix is like Cerebus, in that it has great writing, depth, emotion, but also humour.

Alos, thanks to everyone who previously recommended Morrison’s New X-Men; it was awesome, and I have since moved onto Astonishing X-Men.


It doesn’t dig much in terms of emotion, as it mostly leans towards the humorous side. There’s the occasional nod to friendship and love, and because the adventures are relatively long and epic you can feel the characters, though the emotional scenes are usually illustrated with big sobbing balloons. The humour is mostly parodic, with not-so-hidden references to modern world, but also lots of fights with Big Balls Of Violence.

You should try one of the books written by Goscinny. Uderzo is not so good at it; his first books weren’t bad, nut the lattest ones are quite flatter in writting.