Astral Finishes - Online


I’ve seen one in all the matches I’ve played online - I did it after a mix up with my inputs on my d-pad in fact after rolling under someone, and ended up countering with the AF.

Has anyone else seen more of them? Does anyone try to use them ‘frequently’? 100% of the Heat Gauge with other conditions required seems… expensive. I guess it makes for a nice surprise, but 100% Heat is 2 RCs which could be used in combos more likely to hit, or 2 Distortion moves, or some counter assaults, or a mixture.

I like that they’re there, and I like that, unlike it GG, you can’t just pull them off right off the bat. I just feel I really won’t ever use them outside of ‘a bit of fun/overkill’ in rare circumstances, rather than incorporating them into a proper strategy to use less than once every one thouasand fights.



Well some characters can actually combo into them, but by the time they can do that, they would have simply killed them with a regular combo anyway, so they’re more of a flashy finish than anything.

Although, Hakumen’s might be semi useful since it’s a counter that counters ANYTHING in the game(even normal throws) but it’s also a 720 motion, and of course since it’s a coutner, you can still get baited and get punished while it recovers.


They’re lame because they require the final round. I shouldn’t have to throw a round to do a flashy finish. Give me access sub-20% with 100% heat I’m on a round that I could end the match with. If I ended up on the 3rd round that means the guy isn’t horrible (or only as horrible as I am) and I’m not going to risk 100% meter on something I can do with 50.


u dont have to throw a round. u gota make sure u won a round and its a final round on there side.


Are you sure about that. Everything I’ve read (including in game command list) says 3rd round.


Final round is correct. Question answered. Hooray