Astro City CP Colors

Does anyone know where I can find the correct colors for an Astro City Panel. I tried searching, but Im guessing my keywords were correct since Im guessing this has been discussed before.

Mainly just the correct Pink. I’m looking to change my panel to look something like this.

So I’m looking for the correct pink in a 24mm button, do these exist?
Also just for future reference the correct green would be nice as well.

Also side note. Do sanwa and seimitsu buttons look identical? Or are they slightly different.

I’m pretty sure thats one of the Seimetsu panels, and those use 24MM seimetsu buttons…


Well this is the panel I just won.,306965237&formats=0,0&format=0

The seller says one side is has Hori buttons. Which I am assuming is the red. The other is Sanwa, which im guessing is the Green.

I wanted to trade out the Hori for some Siemtisu’s on the other side. Just so i can get a feel for both. But I don’t want the buttons to look that visually different.

If you haven’t noticed I’m fairly new to Japanese parts. So sorry if these are easy questions.

Seimitsu buttons are flat and have got another rim.

That button I linked doesn’t look like the one in the panel? =/

Seimitsu screw-ins look more like it but the rim is still different.
But you must be very very very picky for it to bother you.

Check out lizard lick amusements or
They will both have what you are looking for.
Takahashi is right, the Seimitsu screw-ins look a lot more like Sanwas while the Seimitsu snap-ins are noticeably more flat.
Both Sanwa and Seimitsu have pink, yellow, and green however the actual colors vary slightly.
Seimtisu’s colors are a bit more vibrant than Sanwa.
If you want the stock colors, I’m pretty sure the Astro City originally came with Sanwa buttons.
Hope this helps.

Astro city is only OEM for sega from sanwa or seimitsu
both is original seimitsu LS32/PS14GN sanwa JLF/OBSN30RG
only blast city/lindbergh/netcity/newnetcity is from Sanwa
and on first photo it is seimitsu panel

Seimitsu Astro City.

Sanwa Astro City.

Notice difference on 2P Side?

The Panel that you want the Pink from is a Seimitsu Panel.
And it has Seimitsu Joystick too, because can tell from Dust Disc.
So I would think that all the Buttons on there are Seimitsu also being.

But the Buttons do not look like Snap-in, so they should be Screw-in?
So it would be the Button that raeli linked to for the Pink?

Also Sanwa does not currently make Pink 24mm Buttons.
So we know it is Seimitsu.

seimitsu astro city always us screw buttons, I never see snap in
snap seimitsu use SNK cab, SSF2 panel, old konami panels and many jap superguns like AV9000