Astro City CP wiring harness parts - what and where to buy?

I’m trying to make my own 2L6B wiring harness for a Blast City control panel to be used with an Astro City cabinet. The CP has JLFs. Where can I get the 5-pin connectors for the JLFs and the 12 pin AMP connectors (male, I think) to make this harness?

Or does anyone know someplace that sells these harnesses for around $10-$15 shipped?

Thanks in advance.

Lizard lick of course.

LL does not have complete harnesses, of course; LL ain’t got the AMP connectors, and JLF harnesses are too expensive there - found them cheaper on Ebay.

Seems nobody has the 5 pin connectors by themselves. Pity.

Too pricey, even before shipping to the states ($43.50 for two looms at current exchange rates). Is there no stateside supplier of AMP connectors and such?

Have you tried the trading outlet and possibly asking for your wants? :stuck_out_tongue:

Im getting one as soon as I can pay off a deal I made with another member here. I’ll have to see what they are worth. They are brand new.

If you can get the part #, Jameco’s got it and cheap.


Because of the requirement set by this site’s owners or whatever for 6 month membership or some such nonsense prior to being allowed access to the trading outlet, I am unable to try that.

Notanoob, thanks for the jameco site.

shaktazuki, you are allowed to buy on SRK in Trading Outlet.
You just at this time, cannot sell.

But if you don’t have Fifty Post in your Username, then can’t make Thread.

And this is exactly why I refuse to help out with some of the members here. Every time I try to help, I get shot down with stupid comments.

  1. To use the trading outlet you have to be with the site for at least 6 months, AND have 50 posts. Failure to meet the requirement will result in a infraction or ban.

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You won’t get Banned or get Infraction of whatever.

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I can’t tell people what I need, nor advertise my wants, on the trading post.

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Well, here’s what I need: MFR part #s for the 12 pin male AMP UP connector for an Astro control panel wiring loom, the 5 pin JLF connector, and a 6 pin male AMP connector, as well as the #s for the AMP male pins. That Jameco site seems to have everything - if I only could figure out where to look!

176278-1 (samples not in stock)

Don’t forget the pins: SHF-001T-0.8BS. Digikey stocks them:
but the housing is 1000pcs minimum:

You can try ordering free samples from JST.

For the 6 extra buttons it’s actually a 10-way housing:
176277-1 (samples not in stock)

175151-1 (samples in stock)

They don’t have any of the above parts.

The only shop that carries everything you need is:

Segashed and Akihabarashop (currently closed) only carry the AMP U-P stuff:

M K L, you always know the good stuff.

You’re the man, MKL!

There is also a guy who sells AMP and pins on ebay, in various quanitites. I bought from him a while back for a project. Will have to look up his listing link though…