Working astro city cabinet hooked up to a modded ps2 with cvs2, mvc2, super turbo, shmups, etc. Screen has a little burn in but is unnoticeable during play.

Bought this about 2 and a half years ago through this trading outlet for $700. I still have the keys to open up the cabinet but one of them is broken, and you need two to open it up, its not your standard key so you might have to find a specialist to make you another one. Normally you wouldn’t need to open it up but the ball tops are loose and you need to tighten it. Another issue is that I attempted to reconfigure the fierce and roundhouse to the default R1 R2 (before it was L1 R1, or something weird) and it wasn’t that great of a soldering job, so those don’t work properly. Nothing a simple solder job couldn’t fix, just haven’t really gotten around it.

This has been collecting dust in my garage for a while now. Hoping to get rid of it. $450 OBO