Astro City Nanao MS9-29s - hook up PS2/PS3?


I just nabbed a project Astro City (and I’m pumped to restore it) from in San Jose (seems like a great place, by the way, the owner was very helpful and helped me piece together a usable cab, since I was after the cheapest solution, knowing full well I was going to restore/customize it) and already know I need a J-PAC adapter to hook up my PC to the monitor, but I also want to hook up a PS2 and PS3.

I’ve looked around and I’m just plain confused on what I’m supposed to do. Can I get a PS2->VGA adapter and hook it into the J-PAC? I can’t imagine the PS2 will output the correct resolution and frequency… I’m lost.

My current thought is to run the PS2 through my PC’s video capture card into the J-PAC but that seems like a roundabout solution. I’d like to do it natively if possible.

My hope was just to wire the controls directly to PS2 pads and switch those between the consoles (since I have PS2->everything adapters…) and have a VGA cable I just swap between which system I want hooked up, but I’m scratching my head as to whether that’s possible or not.


I bought one of these to hook up my consoles to JAMMA on my Astro City:

You’ll have to pick up SCART cables for your system (and be sure to set the PS2 to RGB BEFORE you hook it up to the cabinet), but it’s well worth it.

Also, my solution for hooking up my PC was to use an Extron Emotia scan converter (there’s also info on shmups forum about them), and hook it into the RGBS screw terminals of that adapter. Converts VGA to native low-res of the arcade monitor (which a J-PAC won’t do).


You don’t really have to before, but you definitely have to before you start playing. Colors on your monitor will be weird and I wouldn’t recommend doing it for longer than a few minutes.


And this works flawlessly? All games come in at the proper resolution and whatnot? It’s primarily going to get used for 3rd Strike or KoF, so I don’t care if some bizarre game doesn’t work as long as fighters do.


They come in the exact way the console sends them, which is 480i for most games. While this technically isn’t “proper” resolution (that would be 240p, which some PS2 games do have), it looks just fine, and you can adjust the monitor positioning and such if you need to, but it will display the whole picture.


Can I skip the Emotia (because it’s pricey from what I can see) and just make sure my PC’s resolution is set right in Windows, using Soft15hz or whatever? I’m not a scanline nut or anything, if it looks as good/better than it does with composite inputs on a CRT TV, I’m happy.


Yep, just make sure you have things set correctly, otherwise you run the very real risk of ruining the monitor (since arcade monitors typically lack protection from out-of-range signals that say, PC monitors have).


I read somewhere that if you have a swap magic disk or a modchip that you can “patch” any game to run at 240p