Astro City-style control panel layout

I’m re-building an upright arcade cabinet I picked up recently, and since I’m installing japanese sticks and buttons, I intend to use a japanese candy-cab style layout.
I’ve found the dimensions and relative spacing of the stick & buttons, but not the ‘recommended’ orientations… I know that the 2 player stick/buttons are angled slightly upwards; However, I can’t find anywhere that gives the angle, or whether the stick is also mounted on an angle (or indeed if the 1 player stick/buttons are angled slightly in the other direction, or just ‘flush’).

Could anyone with an Astro City help me out?


The sticks aren’t rotated, the “up” direction should be exactly perpendicular to the straight upper edge of the panel. As for the rest I’m not sure how to measure the player two angle, just line them up so that buttons 2-3/5-6 is aligned in a perfect square relative the edges. That’s pretty much how they are on Sega and Seimitsu panels, Sanwa panels however looks to be the same for both players.

anyone has those measurements?? Like real measurements of the astrocity or similar

I have seen alot of templates online, check and run a search for that. If not, I can take some pics of my control panels on my cabients. Capcom Impress, Egret 2 and Windy, all japanese layouts. Let me know if you would like those. At least it could give you an idea of the general orientation of the buttons. Cant provide you with exact measurements though sorry.

Yes, please!! It would perfectly help me!!

I replied with a thank-you to Mayhem, but it got lost with the server fiddlings… so yeah, thanks, that was exactly what I needed :smiley:

As for Kabal… I wish I could link where I found this originally, but I can’t remember or find it so this will have to do…;topic=104.0;attach=70


heres some pics of my CPs for some reference if it helps.Note that the Egret CP was originally set up for neo-geo hence the odd angle on the 2 player side. I had to add the kick buttons on both sides so wasnt given much choice as far as alignment. The Windy and Impress are slightly different from each other; I personally dont prefer one over the other but Id be inclined to believe that the Capcom Impress is the more “official” for Street Fighter. Hope they help.

Taito Egret 2;
Capcom Impress;
Konami Windy;

Thnx dude!! They do help!!

Any idea on how can I make those CP starting from 0??

Wood, metal… what can I do??

if you dont have access to a metal sheer your best bet is taking it to a metal fabrication shop and having them cut it out for you. They will probably punch holes in it as well so long as you provide them with a template. Generally 10 gauge sheet metal is standard for these I believe. As far as I price I couldnt say as I have never gone this route. Or you could just buy one on Yahoo JP though I bet the shipping would be horrendous. Either way, good luck to you.

buttons look good on that template but the stick looks too close, at least for my liking. Same thing on my windy, feels kinda cramped. Nice link though

That’s the standard distance for Blast City.

thats cool. just preference is all.

Tiger: Yeah, from the looks of it the Astro city is pretty much just your Windy city, but with the 2p buttons rotated slightly. I’m kind of forced into the cramped style, because the cabinet is only 58cm/25in wide, so the Astro/windy layout is actually pretty space efficient. Always good to have things to compare against though!


Thnx everybody for helping :wink: keep posting candy cab’s CP templates!!