Astro joystick


Hi all,
Im a newbie and this is my first post, my first question is I have a old Sega Saturn Twin Astro joystick

As this is such a nice joystick I would like to use this for the XBOX 360 street fighter 4, any adapters on the market??

Or is the any guides on how to modify this setup?



you would have to replace the dreamcast pcbs as i dont think dc to x360 adapters even exist…

if you know what to do and how to change the pcb’s

edit:also read all the stickies it help you understand basic stuff about joysticks and mods


Dope controller man definatly mod it for 360. I’d love to have one of those


i love the way that looks…

i JUST ordered a dreamcast and i need to find me a pair of sticks to buy, i bet those things cost a ton though.


Thanx for your replay “bafiaris13”

“Sporadik Styles” I will try and wire this to one of my wireless 360 controller, will post updates on how I get on with this.

“dav3yb” I used this joystick for my Sega Saturn back in the days, it was an import that I bought from Hong Kong and wasnt sold at alot of countries back then.