Astro Tripper

Anyone played this game? This game is fun as hell. It’ a top down spaceship shoot-em up. Great graphics and gameplay and best of all it’s only $5. The trophies are hard to get, even on Easy. I’ve gotten them all though.

I’ve been playing it a ton. Recently I broke into the 1 million club on the Challenge Mode in the Cube level (last level). :rofl:

Wow, someone said the trophies were hard to get? I stopped playing it with one trophy missing, the last one of course, but I found this game to be incredibly easy. Fun, but incredibly easy, especially considering I’m only an average s’mupper.

What is funny though, is that when I started playing this with a joystick that has turbo features, it gets even easier. The whole point about the weapons not getting as effective is moot with a turbo controller, or even just by repeatedly pressing the buttons.

The best thing about this game though, is it’s unforgiving nature. No shields or lame invulnerability powerups. You get hit, you die, just like it shoot be with this style of game. I also really like the sound the pods make in the insect levels.

This game is a great value considering how cheap it is. It’s not as cool as Blast Factor or SSHD though.

I have SSHD and I’ve been playing this way more than that. It’s probably because I like the flat map vs the globe.

Have you beaten the game on all difficulties? Right now I’m going back through on Hard to unlock the hardest level.

Also broke 2 million on the Cube Challenge.