Asuka Tripguard experiments



I spent a week in the lab testing asuka’s against every airborne attack in the game with various angles and timings… the results were… interesting. You can grab the results below. Keep in mind that this assumes perfect timing on asuka’s part and that some of the applications are more practical than others (for instance, trading with marduk’s is far more strict than blowing up anything hugo does). And yes, I know I somehow misspelled “Asuka” on the first line… too lazy to fix it at this point T.T

Also, shoutouts to Ryan Hunter for putting the idea for this in my head.



I thought of trying this some time back and just tested it against Jin’s j.HK to see what would happen. It always ended up being a clean anti-air instead of tripping him. Did you experience this happening at all in your tests?


I don’t remember having any issues tripguarding jin specifically, but the timing against some of the attacks can be incredibly tight… leading to a trade or AA if you’re off.


This is interesting.

I tested against Kazuya and I was pleasantly surprised to see how easy it was to tripguard his infamous I keep getting blown up by his jump ins because all of Asuka’s main AAs don’t work on him. But good to know I can just into full combo if he tries to jump at me. :slight_smile:

And vs other characters if you just get an air reset, you can still CADC for an ambiguous cross-under.

Just tested vs reversals. Asuka’s either stuffs or avoids completely and allows a full punish on these:

-Rufus’s Messiah Kick all versions
-Balrog’s Headbutts all versions, Dash Punch all versions, TAP (free s.lp after whiffs)
-Asuka’s DLK all versions, loses to counter
-Kuma’s EX Megaton Claw, loses to EX Frolicking Bear
-Hugo’s Monster Lariat all versions (free counter/Super after whiffs vs EX), loses to EX Moonsault Press
-Kazuya’s EWGF
-Poison’s DP all versions
-Zangief’s Lariats, loses to EX Command Throws