Asuka's geisha dress

who here thinks that Asuka’s Geisha costume should be a dlc in tekken tag tournament 2

Definately that costumes was awesome. But we already have plenty 2 choose from so its all gd

I’d like to see Christie’s P2 costume from Tekken 4.

I think that’s more of a yakuza costume than a geisha’s. o_O

Rather see something like this.


This outfit will never be back due to the large sleeve blocking out Asuka’s hands sometimes thus you can’t see what throw is coming and such. Not joking.

Second for Christie’s T4 coming back (she had it as a 2P in BR but slightly modified).

Actually the customs are really horrible now. No 2P outfits for a lot of characters, too many generic options and not enough individual ones. But hey, get to mess around with colors so that’s cool.

yes that cool but color changing and the tiger design not dong it for me. especially the limitations on what you can change on the outfit.

I’d love to see Asuka in that dress.
I’d love to see Asuka in nothing.
I’ll take her however though.

Wouldn’t mind seeing her in the Boss Yakuza outfit she had in SFxT, but there are obvious reasons why that won’t happen…