Asura Blade

i was at an arcade and i saw this cool game it was called Asura Blade

it’s pretty fun but there not a lot of places that have this game?

do you guys know this game??

any combo vids??

what character do you play?!?


damn, played this on mame a good bit. i usually played Goat, Zam B, and Alice. Cool game to toy around with. There’s a sequel out also. Asura Buster. It has some engine tweaks and a few new characters. Some characters are totally revised also. Goat feels nowhere near as good as he did in the first.

I want to play Asura Buster but i can find it

yeah Goat is a good character

so you can play asura blade on mame? does it run smoothly?

If Asura blade is the game I’m thinking of with like the one attack that knocks you against a wall, it’s pretty fun, to bad that knockback attack leads to infinites, other than that though I like the style alot and the combos are pretty cool. Good game overall if it wasn’t for the guy with twin swords having a dead easy infinite.

Is Asura Blade one of those games that run on IGS’ arcade board?

i like the style of the game also

it’s a fun game to play

but i can’t beat that guy with a gun… man it’s hard~!

Im not really sure but i think it is…

i played it on one of those 1000games in 1 boards it has street fighter from 1~alpha3 and has EX1~3 and even star gladiator!

Yep, but it sounds like YuuFone was playing on one of those random MAME cabinets.

I tried this game because of the thread. The DP that boss has is fucking retarded. I gave up trying to beat him because of it.

you mean the boss with the gun??