Asura takes his Wrath out on Ryu in upcoming DLC

more DLC characters for SSFIV AE?



oops guess it’s the other way around, Ryu will be DLC for Asura Wrath instead. weird

Sick. Really looking forward to this game too

Game? Asura’s Wrath looks like someone wanted to make a TTGL clone anime, then decided it should be released on consoles instead for some reason. Then someone went “Yo, we heard you liked QTEs so we put QTEs in your QTEs”. Absolutely everything I’ve seen about it points to it being a Quicktime Event collection, not a game. Everything is mash button until “Burst” appears onscreen, press burst button. Rinse, repeat ad nauseam. Zero player control.

how could anyone think this is dlc for ae?

even gt is saying something stupid like that… i forget, but i know its stupid.

Anyway, I’d like Asura in my Street Fighter. Instead of that Evil Ryu guy. I don’t like him.

No ideal what TTGL or QTEs are, but yes I see where you are coming from. If it turns out that there is no depth to the gameplay or replay value then I won’t get it, as those are the two criteria that are most important to me. I’m just hoping it’s a Japanese God of War, with the typical improvements in game mechanics and attention to detail in graphics.

QuickTime Event = press button prompt in the middle of a cutscene. Thus far that’s way over half the Asura’s Wrath content I’ve seen. Like, whole bossfights are basically nothing but mashing circle button to up rage gauge to get break button to activate so you can go to another cutscene. There’s a wee bit of shooter gameplay (with tons of button prompt events) in there, but in that case I’d rather just buy something like Sin and Punishment 2 or Ikaruga or something that is an actual game.

EDIT: Footage!
A whole boss “battle”: [media=youtube]Qpviyn8ol9s[/media]
Intro stuff. Minutes upon minutes of QTEs: [media=youtube]8RkQdjj7gXg[/media]

There is actual gameplay in the game and quite a bit of it … They just went a bit overboard with the story and added QTE’s so the American audience would not get bored and say … “Man why is there so much good story and not enough action!” I do however think they went overboard with the QTE’s I would not mind a well fleshed out story. As for the whole Ryu in Asura SF Mode… You can bet your bottom Dollar this will not be the only fighting game that Asura pops up in dude has become hella popular.

Asura’s Wrath is terribly wasted potential. I love the art style, I love the concepts, and I like what I’ve seen so far of the story… But when a game offers so little control to the player, I just don’t feel like I have a stake in it. I can handle gameplay style changes, but when more than half of the game is composed of QTEs and cutscenes, I just feel like an observer instead of a participant.

Ok so I got the game today and yes it is fun but felt restricted… however WTF … Capcom announced that there is basically a complete WrathXStreetFighter DLC coming to the game and it wont just be Asura and Ryu… Just… Wow…