Asus 238H Monitor Settings for Street Fighter 4 AE

Hey guys,
So i just purchased the Asus 23inch 238H monitor to play Street Fighter on. I was interested on playing on a monitor similar to that of the evo monitor. I ended up liking the 238h better than the 236. I was just wondering if someone could post the settings they use if they have this monitor or a similar Asus. I cannot get the colors/picture right on it. Small parts tend to appear pixelated or grainy. Its still a very good picture, but i haven’t been able to get it to where it should be. I have an older 42inch LG plasma that i put side by side and the plasma still has a better picture even with a worse resolution and contrast. I use a DVI to HDMI with my Xbox360 for my monitor. If anyone could share their monitor settings id be grateful. Thank you.

That is why.

Whenever you do a DVI > HDMI conversion, it’s forcing pixels to convert from a native signal.

I guarantee if you switch to using the 360 VGA cable you’d get rid of the picture issues.

I will switch it up. Thank you man.