Asus eee pc and joystick?

Has anyone already tried to connect the Hrap3 to an Asus eee pc Linux Xandros edition?

Does the Hrap 3 work with Linux distros?

who cares? just install XP

I don’t see why it wouldn’t… as long as your linux distro will recognize it as a USB Controller shrugs

Worst case scenario you could install XP.

I would test it, but I don’t have either device :frowning:

That’s the point. Someone?

your best bet with getting a USB controller to work on Linux (if it already doesn’t work) is to try asking on a Linux forum. They’re usually helpful at Ubuntu forums ( ), plus there is a ton of stuff to search.
also, if you are using MAME or something, that might have to be configured to listen for USB joysticks or something.

I think it should be much more easy to find here, in this forum, hardcore gamers that own a Hrap 3 and use a Linux based os.

Anybody here with a Hrap 3 is using Linux distros?

I’m not interested on a generic usb gamepad linux compatibility: the Hrap 3 is a Playstation joystick, therefore it already works by accident - and luckily for the Mame players, due to its usb direct connection - on a pc (hoping that, among billions of hardware/Windows or other os configs, our pc doesnt decide that the Hrap3 shouldnt be compatible).

Lets not forget that the Hrap 3 lacks any kind of pc drivers: that’s why is essential to ask specific infos to people who own it.

worst case scenario you’ll have to write the driver itself.

it should be too bad, if you have access to the terminal you should be able to plug it in and just read for data in I think /dev/usb, if you have any coding experience at all it should be easy enough to press the buttons, see the input it says then be able to say “if input = <data you just read by pressing the button>, write x” where x is a keyboard key.

it would essentially translate the button press to a keyboard key.

anyway, best of luck to you.

I’m a normal pc user not a pro.

Anyway, do you own the Asus i3 pc?