Asus monitor set up

Hello i was wondering how to set up a xbox 360 slim to a asus monitor,the monitors at evo.can you post the things i need for the xbox to hook up to the monitor k thanks

Got this one covered.

Here’s everything you’ll need. Might want to grab a pen and paper.

  1. HDMI Cable.

Got all that? Okay now here’s what you need to do:

  1. Plug HDMI cable into monitor and 360 and turn them both on.

If you need me to break things down a little more, let me know :wink:

For my Xbox and ASus evo monitor I use the Xbox VGA cable.

Ive always wondered this but does the type of hdmi cable really matter? By type im meaning the price because I already own a cheap hdmi cable i use on my tv and it seems fine but im not sure if there could be a better cable.

All HDMI cables are created equal. It’s a digital signal. Premium HDMI cables are for suckers.

There are some cables that can have issues with certain devices. Like, for example, I bought a pretty well respected brand of HDMI cable and I had white artifacts and 1-2 second screen disconnects with my PS3. I bought a different branded cable (both cables used were 10 bucks) and it worked perfectly.

So you can have issues.

Also, you need to know the HDMI cable revisions for certain things. The new 1.4 I believe supports ethernet so you can have sound, video and internet all over one plug to a device. But as far as compatibility goes it really doesn’t matter as the newer ones are backwards compatible.

Alrighty thanks.couple more questions?

  1. What about audio? the hdmi doesnt come with red or white audio.

  2. Is vga cable and Hdmi the same? does vga still give hd?

  1. Audio is carried over HDMI if both devices support it (yes).
  2. Why go and buy a VGA cable adapter (more expensive) if you’re going HDMI (cheaper and easier to set up plus carries your audio)?
    VGA is an analogue signal, but this has nothing to do with HD (HD is resolution, and VGA is more than capable of providing upwards of 1920x1080).

HDMI is an all in 1 solution. It carries sound and video. So if you plug your 360/ps3 into your TV or monitor that has an HDMI slot then sound and video will go to them. If you have a home receiver that has HDMI inputs you would hook up 1 cable to it and then another cable going out from it to your TV. This will allow your sound to go through your receiver and still get video output to the TV.

You do not use any of the white/yellow/red cables.

The video portion of HDMI is essentially the same thing as DVI plugs you see going from video cards to monitors. HDMI just makes the plugs smaller and adds sound as well making it stupid easy to hook things up. HDMI actually adds more but for most people video/sound is all they care about.

Alrighty thanks i never knew Hdmi had this one is the perfect cable that has sound in it already?

If not link me the ones you guys use, ty.

Why pay more when you could get something like this?
Do some more searching on Amazon or elsewhere if you want… all HDMI cables for your specific intent and purpose are equal.

edit: 10 foot cable here if you want something lengthier:

buy the cheapest hdmi cable you can find. you’re in 707 so check frys or buy online at

for the audio, it is the black external output on the bottom of the monitor. just plug in the external speakers if you don’t want to use the built in speakers.

if you dont want to pass your audio through the monitor then you’ll need this audio adapter ( because you have an xbox slim. this way you can have video through hdmi and audio through RCA.

Yeah, when it comes to HDMI cables, just get the most cheapest, there’s no differance. Current gen consoles doesn’t even support the latest HDMI standards, 3.0 I think, so there’s really nothing to look out, although I personally prefer non-gold connectors because they don’t do jack unless your monitor’s connectors are also golden.

There’s a small difference in HDMI cables, but it shouldn’t affect you. Some older HDMI cables don’t work with newer products (for example) but I don’t think that’s applicable in this scenario. Just buy a $1 cable somewhere. Plenty of those around.

  1. Buy the XB360/games/controller.
  2. Buy the Monitor.
  3. Buy one of these. It doesn’t matter which one, just get a length you can use.
  4. Plug it in. Enjoy.