Asus Mx279h Vs Vx279h

Hello to all guys, I’m new to the forum and wanted to ask a question to you that surely you are more experienced than me …
I have to take a monitor lagless and are undecided between these two monitors Asus mx279h vx279h … and reading around the net I did not understand which of tuo iscritto better … the substantial differences between the 2 monitors seem to be only the following :
-Speakers 3W x 2 and input lag of 09ms
-Speakers from 1.5w x 2
-support all ’ Mhl
-pannello ips slightly higher
-more display programs

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    The rest is the same … the problem is that online i can’t find input lag tests on vx279h. It is more recent and has several points in its favor would not want to find myself with a monitor that exceeds the frame input . Also the fact that mounts online 1.5w speaker and i want to know il the sound feel good.
    Someone knows or has it and can give me some information regarding audio and input lag ? Thanks to all for an eventual answer.

Please help me

If you want to be 100% sure on input lag, buy the ones you know what the lag is, like the mx279h, or any on review sites like that test the lag.

I am looking at the Asus VX279H, Amazon has it for $664.16. Why? Why would you drop over $600 for a 27".
The ASUS MX279H has a MSRP of $259.99

If you are looking for low lag, there are monitors that are being sold now that are much cheaper with proven low lag scores and the same visual performance.

Because it’s sold by some 3rd party on Amazon, not from Amazon.

I own the MX279H and I can back up those display lag readings the monitor is a stunner and perfect fit for fighting games. Thanks to it be AH-IPS it makes the “evo monitor” look like complete shit.

Vx279h seems to be newest model, yet you have no solid input delay testing done on it. If I’m guessing I’d bet they are about the same input lag wise, but you never want to guess when it comes to stuff like this.

I’m looking around and i find the vx279h cost 70$ less than mx279h, forse this reason I’m confused xD

I’m think the same, for that i hope to find Someone that have this screen and can tell me If that is wonderful or not

I can only go by what I can find. Then again Tensho pointed out the price is most likely by 3rd party sellers on Amazon looking to flip the VX279H for proffit.

If I can find a site that can quote be a different price in US dollars I would concede.
I found reasonable pricing in the UK, but shipping a whole monitor from the UK to the US is prohibitive.

In retrospect looking around I just conclude that this monitor model is just THAT new of a monitor and there not much on terms of solid reviews yet not to even mention lag testing.

somebody tell me that this monitor is the newer version of mx279h…but i don’t know :frowning: you know some site that can i suggest to do somo input lag test on this monitor?