Asus P5Q Deluxe motherboard thread

So, check out this new motherboard I’m most likely going to get

yeah so ordinarily I wouldn’t make a thread for this, but this looks to be a really good board in terms of performance, and not to mention it’s easily one of the best looking boards I’ve ever seen, aesthetically. ZipZoomfly has it for $175, which is probly where I’ll get it.

Anyone have this board already (doubt it but thought I’d ask anyway)?

If so, do you have Crucial Ballisitx RAM in it? I have that RAM, wanna make sure it works in this before I buy it if I can.


I don’t have this board, but I do have experience. Personally I am a rocking a P5WD2-E Premium, which was Asus’s flagship a little while ago. They are extremely solid boards, Asus uses good quality capacitors, and they normally overclock well. That board you mentioned is a great Medium Range board, and from what I hear and read, overclocks pretty well. On my P5, I can oc 40-50%, and stick in the 40’s and still be stable. So it should be a good pick.

What type of ram is it, I presume DDR2? etc, it definitely will work, the question is how much if any OC do you want? Most ram now is pretty simular in terms of performance, they are using similar IC’s, only when we shift to DDR3 that we will start seeing some differences.

The RAM I have is DDR2 yes, and the board takes DDR2. It’s just, you know how some boards can sometimes be picky about what RAM they want to accept. It’s 800mhz RAM, 4-4-4-12.

On the QVL (qualified vendors list) list for the RAM on this motherboard, at Asus’ site, they list Crucial Ballistix 800 1GB modules (I have 4) as being compatible, but they only mention the double-sided versions…I have the single-sided modules. So I hope they are still compatible.

I am going to put an E8500 in it, and presumably I’m looking for only around a 20-25% overclock. That is, if I can put the bus speed to 400Mhz, I’d have a 1600Mhz FSB, and the RAM would run at its rated 800Mhz, giving me the 1:1 ratio, and the CPU would be at 3.8Ghz. If I could push the bus speed to 420Mhz (1680 FSB, 840 RAM), that’d be really cool too cuz then I could get the CPU to 4Ghz even. But I wouldn’t want to go any higher than that. So I’m not trying to overclock the RAM at all, if I do only by 40Mhz, just so I can get 4Ghz out of the CPU. Basically I want a nice even ratio. I’m not interested in pushing the RAM until it kills itself just so the ratio can be all out of sync.