Asus V236h No Sound

I have my Asus monitor hooked up to my 360 via HDMI and it’s been working fine up until last night where the sound wouldn’t work. I connected my 360 to a TV to make sure it wasn’t the HDMI cord or the system. Anyone else having this problem?

Have you tried all of the basic stuff? Unplugging and plugging back in, changing audio settings and putting it back, power cycling both 360 and Asus monitor?

Try those and see what happens.

If that doesn’t work then head over to Walmart and try replacing the HDMI cable. Their return policy is pretty lenient and you’ll get your money back so long as you have your receipt.

If none of those work then just play with headphones. Lol

Hm i hooked it back up to my stream equipment, and the audio seems to work normally. Are there any settings I have to change to make it work normally without my equipment?

HD PC Monitors isn’t known for there sound
You might want to get stand alone speakers/ audio system for sound

Yeah. I have a pear of M AUDIO av130’s that I connect to it when I’m in the mood.

Otherwise it stays with my PC for when I’m editing music.