Asus vh236h(evo monitor) cable connections? and ms comparison

Alright so im practically saving up to buy a monitor for my xbox360 so I can experience the close to lagless feel of gaming monitor. I currently own a 19inch sharp tv that is hooked by a hdmi connection. the tv says that it has a 5ms response time when hooked up by vga but my tv recognizes the xbox being in a pc setting due to me running the display settings as 1360x768. but when I buy the evo monitor would the 3ms response time that is being taking away from the 5ms response time from my tv really worth it? and what would be the best connection to hook this evo monitor up to my xbox. vga or hdmi? does it really make that much of a difference? and if hdmi is the best option would i want a hdmi 3.0 cord? (also my current tv has no game mode)

HDMI. It’s a a really big difference going from 5ms to 2ms

IIRC the ms response time is not at all relevant to “frame lag”. Here’s a thread for your reading perusal.

Oh alright then but after playing on my sharp tv Ive gotten accustomed to it so much that I cant tell if it really lags or not and I dont own vga cables to do the test. the reason Im asking is because I know most tournaments hold this monitor and I dont wanna be caught out of the loop.

thanks for your quick response.

There’s also a thread on here that keeps a database of displays and their relative amount of lag. I wanted to link it but I can’t find it. I figured maybe you could check it for your monitor to see if there’s more than a frame or two of lag. If so I’d recommend getting the evo monitor, if not then it wouldn’t be as valuable for the money.

I think the reason the Asus is the evo monitor is because it is one of the cheapest <1 frame lag monitor available.

Funny thing is most companies that advertise their products as having 2ms response time (not input lag) do so using GTG measurements = i.e. useless. Effectively there shouldn’t be any difference between 5ms and 2ms GTG at all.

ASUS monitor (and other 1080p native monitors) are not < 1F delay. That one has been shown to average between 0 and 2.7F of delay. The only LCDs with < 1F delay for consoles are 720p native res monitors, which haven’t been made since ~2006. Best yet are HD CRTs which have zero lag.

i think that my tv loses against the evo monitor anyways just for the simple fact that its not a gaming monitor

just throwing this out there, I can guarantee my knowledge is less than Teyah on this topic, so take his word over mine.
(I’m honestly not trying to sound sarcastic or facetious here, just admitting that my info was no correct)

here’s that thread I was talking about earlier, it said the evo monitor had 8.3ms lag which I assumed was < 1 frame of lag (based on the figure from the other thread ~17ms constituting one frame)

question, do i use HDMI or VGA for asus to xbox? because MLG set up uses VGA cuz it has a better response time compared to using HDMI cables. true?

yeah I saw a video where some guy was playing halo3 and mentioned that he used vga

theres no volume when u use vga though

i use hdmi with my asus