Asus VH236h (Evo Monitor) Settings?


With Evo around the corner I borrowed my friends Ps3 and Asus monitor to get used to the settings.

I’ve tried searching the forums but I didn’t find anything official regarding the settings of Asus VH236h. Can Mr.Wizard or someone responsible for tech at EVO tell us what kind of settings are going to be used at EVO? i.e HDMI or VGA… color settings… modes


from what I’ve been told, just plug it in, use hdmi, and make sure its in game mode for lag-free play. color settings don’t matter, game mode is the mode you want!!!

Enjoy your lag-free practice!


Consoles are connected through HDMI, monitors are probably set to “game mode,” but I doubt that makes much if any difference on the Asus since it doesn’t seem to do much if any post-processing on the other modes anyway.

If you want your colors to be as accurate as possible, crank the brightness+contrast up to 100 and then manually tweak everything as instructed here:


I’ve heard complaints of lag on some of the monitors last year due to incorrect settings. There was confusion as to what was causing it, but a LOT of people complained about certain monitors (even though all of the monitors were VH236Hs). Some said it may have been due to the games being set at the non-native resolutions forcing up or down scaling.


I bet most of those people who complained were the people who lost. amirite?



From what I remember, a few top players complained and some of them complained about monitors that didn’t affect their match (i.e. pool monitors when they advanced out of pools).


Well, it goes without saying that you should set the console to match the monitor’s native resolution as well, but that’s a console setting, not a monitor setting.


Set your console settings to output at 720p. Use an HDMI cable to connect to the monitor, and make sure its set to Game Mode. After that you should be all set.


Is it better to set the console to the game’s resolution (720p) or the monitor’s resolution (1080p)? On the 360 at least, I’ve been under the impression that the console’s internal scaler is much better than a typical monitor/TV’s, so it’s best to set it to match the monitor’s resolution so that the console and not the monitor is what takes care of the upscaling.


Man, I didn’t think about making sure the monitors I played on were set to game mode. There was hella lag in my pools. Everyone complained about it. I did make sure the monitors were set at 720p. Grrr.