Asus vh236h gaming settings

Hi I finally managed to buy my monitor and now I would like to know some really decent monitor settings for color and etc also what should I exactly be playing my games on(resolution settings) currently im using 1080p with an hdmi cord. most fighting games dont run in 1080p so does it scale back down to 720?

That doesn’t really answer anything he asked.

Most non-Mini PS3 games are 720p only, the only fighters I know to be 1080p are VF5, T5DR and KoF XIII. Yes, it does scale it down if you set the PS3 to use 1080p as the maximum. I personally use PS3 at 720p only, even though movies and the XMB look a little bit nicer in 1080p, but since mos the games don’t support it, what’s the point?

As for settings, try Google.

if ur monitor supports 1080p then set it as that allways.
here is the best site in the world to compare monitors, refer to ghosting and responsiveness sections in reviews, and even has multi color gamut testings, well everything really read the whole review of any selected monitor too see. however they dont review everysingle monitor as that is expensive and takes alot of time.

i got this colors are so washed up, what settings do you guys have to make this a little prettier…

unless u have a $3000 gamut machine, then u have to do it by eye

Why do i need to do it by eye? I just need to know calibration settings…

each calibration settings are different for every model and make of monitor , even if u have 2 identical monitors within the same panel manufacturing date the calibration settings would still be slightly different. so u cant copy someone elses calibration settings entirely.

try comparing by eye and/or with a allready calibrated monitor by using this webpage:

Hey rcaido you ever fix the color?
I was thinking of getting this monitor when I have cash, whats your opinion on it? is it what you expected? and do you recommend it?

Yea same for you SupahReem

Well I had a 19in sharp tv that only went up to 720p so it was a big upgrade to me. The picture and response time is great and its a nice manageable size that I assure you that will get the job done. If your content on a nice average size monitor that displays 1080p with little to no lag I would grab this monitor asap I got mine of amazon for 170 so its not as expensive as other monitors so you get that bang for your buck. color settings is fine if you play around with it. oh and btw I use it for my xbox whether is be for games or movies it looks great and switch channels to use it for my laptop to get the lagless feel when playing roms or pc games its great

im on my 7th or 8th 1080p monitor, you have the definition of lag incorrect, there are 2 forms of lag, refresh rate of the panel type on the monitor e.g. 5ms or 2ms gtg(grey to grey) mainly for tn panels, then u have the input lag through the circuitry, most tn monitors perform between 5-20ms, which they average at around 12ms.

the higher end dells use other panels like ips mva h-ips s-ips, etc, which are quite bad in response and there circuitry are quite bad aswell, most dells are up in the 60ms range some 30ms for total input lag, which arent recommended for FIGHTING GAMES. a cheap tn panel with full gamut 75% ntsc equiv or there of, is all u need or games, and the cheap LED tn panels like a benq one, look better than dells imo since dell oversaturates the gamut which arent good for all uses. u should aim for a preset form of gamut, which is what all tn panels can achieve.

ok… so whats wrong with the asus monitor again because I gave my opinion on the specific monitor i own and u went all hi tech dell monitor and such.

absolutely nothing, i rather cheap tn panels myself, as they allready cover the required gamut range, and have the best response time.

is it possible to get anything higher than the standard monitor size with decent gamut and response time? because I dont know if you wanna use 23in for a party,

no thats y u use tv’s but most tvs lag alot more than monitors, they lag about 4x more (45ms) on average, in a range of 2-15x more, thats why you buy a plasma , not a lcd, plasmas are like CRTS, 0.1ms response time, for the panel anyway, u need good electronics for input lag too, but ur allways better off with a plasma.

i recommend panasonic viera’s

hey guys just wondering if there is any benefit to grabbing the led one vh238? heard something about it just being brighter back when I was reading about these, who knows maybe they made it in led for the rcaido type color issue?