Asus VH236H HDMI not working

Okay, I have the Asus VH236H monitor, and two months ago the HDMI completely stopped working.
I tried and tested everything and sure enough, it was the monitor itself.

I was still under warranty so I sent it to Asus, and than they repaired it and sent it back.
It’s been working fine until right now. The HDMI shows off no video or sound, and the monitor just shuts off cause it isn’t getting a signal.

I have over 15 HDMI cords and all of them work on other monitors, including someone else’s VH236H.
So, it’s not a cable issue. Odd thing about it now, is I was turning on my Xbox 360, and the screen started flickering, than it went black. After that, it came on for one second, than now it’s at it’s current state to where it doesn’t work.

DVI works perfectly fine. Does anyone know what I should do to fix this?
I’m out of warranty now.

Only two things I can think of to get around this.

  1. HDMI to DVI cable
  2. 360 VGA cable with stereo

Both can be found cheap on amazon but will probably take some extra effort in the sound department however.